Advance of the IKEA catalog for 2018

Advance of the IKEA catalog for 2018

Every year, when summer is coming to an end, decorating lovers begin to act in a strange way: they look incessantly at their mailbox, suspect their neighbors, ask family and friends and approach their nearest IKEA stores Looking for one of the most precious goods in the world of furniture: the new IKEA catalog.

If you also carry out this ritual (we confess that yes), you are in luck, because you don't have to wait until September to leaf through it. In the image gallery that accompanies this article we can know some of the novelties and inspiring spaces that await us in its pages. You can start making your mental list of signings ...

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"Lena your room of moments". This is the motto of the IKEA catalog for 2018. The sofa is the 3-seater VIMLE model (€ 449).

The heart of home

Why do they focus on the lounge? "It's the place where everything happens: a delicious nap under a blanket, a marathon of our favorite series, a yoga session, the children's birthday party or an informal dinner with friends." In the picture, VIMLE 5 seater sofa (€ 1349) and PANDRUP rug (€ 49.99)…


"Our room has to be designed so that we can transform and adapt it to what we need at all times. That way we can get the most out of it and enjoy it alone or in company," IKEA invites in its catalog. The DIHULT pouf (€ 69), is one of the novelties.

Everything fits

Another novelty: the EKET storage system. In the picture, boxes on the wall (€ 15) and combination with drawers (€ 190).

New signings

3 seater sofa FÄRLÖV (€ 649) and armchair of the STOCKHOLM collection (€ 199). You can meet her completely, here

Millennial Pink

3 seater sofa with SÖDERHAMN chaise longue (€ 699), NESNA side tables (€ 10 / unit), RÖNADAL rocking chair (€ 199) and LOHALS carpet (€ 99).

The most anticipated

YPPERLIG, IKEA's collaboration with HAY. Armchair (€ 59), magazine stand (€ 14.99), coffee table (€ 39), sofa bed (€ 449) and floor lamp (€ 49.99). You can learn more about this collection, here.

Extreme hack

Tom Dixon has designed for Ikea a sofa with an aluminum base that can be customized by adding a headboard, a pillow, armrests, a lamp or a table to change its function and adapt it to your needs.

New system

3 seater sofa NORSBORG (€ 449) and coffee table LISABO (€ 99), with the new system without screws (you can know it, here).

Reading corner

Pair of LANDSKRONA armchairs (€ 449 / unit), BILLY bookcase with glass doors (€ 149) and STOCKHOLM pouf (€ 129).


VEBERÖD Bank (€ 99).

The strongest entrance

The SVALNÄS bamboo modular shelving system is one of our favorite novelties. This combination costs € 439. RISSNA coffee table (€ 119) and SÖDERHAMN chaise longue (€ 230).

Asian inspiration

Combination of two modules with VALLENTUNA backrest (€ 370), center nest tables (€ 79) and the new VEDBRO armchairs (€ 199 / unit).

Very zen

GJÖRA bed frame (€ 199).

Comfort zone

SOLLEFTEA floor lamp (€ 24.99), STOCKHOLM nest table (€ 199) and NORSBORG 2-seater sofa (€ 399).

Rural romanticism

LJUSÖGA Duvet Cover (€ 14.99) and LEIRVIK bed frame (€ 119).

As a canopy

UNDREDAL bed frame and, on both sides, hanging from the ceiling, the new NYMÖ screens NYMÖ (€ 19.99).

Dressing room

PAX wardrobe (€ 416).

Well placed

KOMPLEMENT removable coat rack (€ 11).

Prepare the clothes for tomorrow

KOMPLEMENT coat rack (€ 3).

Everything in its place

Removable tray with separate KOMPLEMENT (€ 45).

Much to hide

MALM bed frame (€ 239), with 4 drawers for storage. The dresser is the NORDLI model (119).

Falls into your networks

NESTTUN bed frame (€ 99).

White purity

HEMNES bed frame (€ 179) and bedside table of the same series (€ 49.99).

Between cottons

MALM bed frame (€ 139).

To hang up

Another novelty: SKRUGGIS hook (€ 4.99 / unit).

Perfect for entry

New: Coat rack with bench and shoe rack PINNIG (€ 79.99).

Black is black

METOD kitchen in black (€ 2799 this combination) and ODGER chair (€ 69), one of the novelties of this catalog with wood becoming a classic.

Gray matter

METOD kitchen in gray (€ 2999 this combination).

Dormer kitchen

METOD kitchen with light ash effect. This combination costs € 1999.

Black and white

Wall cabinet (€ 34) and low (€ 97) of the KNOXHULT series.

Golden years

The new 24-piece TILLGARD cutlery set (€ 59.99).

Perfect plating

A new entry in the catalog: the BACKIG tableware.

In and out

Very in favor: a dressing table in a bathroom with outdoor furniture. VITEMÖLLA wall lights (€ 24.99), HEMMNES washbasin cabinet (€ 269) and high with mirror (€ 179).

The great blue

Combination of GODMORGON wall cabinets (€ 59), with drawers and washing (€ 129 / unit) and with mirror (€ 169).


New: the GODMORGON bathroom cabinet series: high wall cabinet (€ 69) and low with drawers and sink (€ 219).

Vegetable bath

Bookshelf (€ 24.99) and chair-towel rack (€ 39.99) of the RAGRUND series. On the shelf, IKORNES table mirror (€ 19.99).

Do a lot with little

The new wardrobes for bathrooms LILLANGER / VISKAN / GUTVIKEN (€ 169).

in the heights

High bed with 3 drawers and 2 STUVA doors (€ 399).

Toys in order

TROFAST structure (€ 79.99).

Your corner

BUSUNGE wardrobe (€ 129), RÖMMINGE balloon-shaped lamp (€ 6.99), the new duvet cover LATTJO (€ 19.99) and extendable bed (€ 149).

On the cloud

DRÖMSYN wall lamp (€ 5.99).