A great 5-story house that was in ruins

A great 5-story house that was in ruins

The interior designer Lara Pujol was responsible for addressing the comprehensive rehabilitation of this house between medians, located in the old town of Girona. The house, in addition to being in a dilapidated state, had a very peculiar distribution: 140 m2 open to two facades, six heights and overly compartmentalized rooms. Converting it into a house that adapts to current needs was the challenge of this reform.

The first was to move from the six existing plants - only two meters high - to five. For this it was necessary to modify all the interior slabs, from the roof to the facades. It was decided to design each plant as transparent as possible.

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The stone walls and vaulted ceilings, in addition to providing great decorative value to all spaces of the house, contribute to creating a very special atmosphere.

In the living area they convey feelings of comfort that were enhanced with a wood burning fireplace.

Sofa, black armchair, coffee table, low iron and wood furniture and table, by Tocat pel Vent.

Current touch

Are you looking to give a more modern and light touch to a rustic living room? Add brushstrokes in bright and cheerful tones. Even a cast iron stove will fit better in a contemporary decoration than the traditional stone design with a large mouthpiece.

A design with character

The new staircase, open and without railing, is made of folded and enameled sheet metal in white. In addition to communicating the different heights of the house, it functions as a space separating element. On the second floor, for example, divide
The living area of ‚Äč‚Äčanother room.

Touches of color

In the living room, the white sofa was combined with cushions and colored carpets that fill the atmosphere with life. As for the furniture, pieces
Natural wood alternated with white finishes and fiber details.

Cushions and carpets, from Filocolore and Calma House. White furniture designed by Lara Pujol. Baskets
and vases, Very Very.

Desk lamp

If you also have a staircase open to an environment, delimit it with a console or sideboard that takes up little space. It is a perfect idea to avoid feeling empty. Table lamp, for sale in Tocat pel Vent.

Well distributed

In the kitchen, located on the ground floor, furniture and appliances were organized around a large island, which houses the hob. In its decoration, opted for white satin lacquer and wood details.

Kitchen designed by Lara Pujol. Countertop, by Neolith. Stool, by Filocolore. Box and plants, Very Very Much.

Extractor hood

Free way! Remember that the hood hoods are ideal for islands that host the hob, since they do not distort visual continuity. Moreover, when it comes to kitchens open to the living room or dining area.

Work and office area

Attached to the island, a dining table was placed, accompanied by four chairs. The concrete floor alternated with carpet-like hydraulic tile, which serves to visually delimit
The two environments.

Table designed by Lara Pujol. Chairs, in Tocat pel Vent.


Eclecticism in decoration also reaches the kitchen. The most avant-garde proposals mix modern furniture with rustic, vintage and even some antique pieces. Lamps, by Vidal Font Paper.

Custom lighting solutions

The column we see behind the sink is made of perforated sheet and was designed with integrated linear lighting, to illuminate the stairs at night.

Main bedroom

The doors, painted in sage green, stand out even more in contrast to the white walls. To heat the environments and to develop a harmonic balance as a conductive thread, in all the spaces of the house, plain and striped textiles were used in the same color ranges.
Stools and cushions, by Filocolore. Carpet by Calma House. The chair is from Tocat pel Vent.

Type suite

To access the closet area, an open space was left, without a door, which also facilitates the entry of clarity and ventilation in this space. In the background, a bathroom was located.

Gray duvet cover and plain cushions, from Tocat pel Vent. Plaid, from Filocolore. Table lamp, Very Very Much.

Behind the bed

A dressing area was created behind the bed. These two environments became independent with a custom furniture, which does not reach the ceiling and also acts as a headboard.


At the entrance to this room, a door made by the sculptor Victor Masferrer was placed. Shutter and baskets, from Tocat pel Vent. The towels are from Filocolore.

A rustic air

The one given in the bathroom is the stone sink, the built-in copper faucet, the large fiber baskets and the aged wooden shutter.

Hydraulic tiles

In the bathroom, join the latest trends that bet on the use of hydraulic tiles to highlight small spaces, such as the area
from the sink or shower corner.

In the attic

This corner of the fourth floor perfectly summarizes all the solutions made in the house: the original stone combined with white wall, polished concrete floor and custom furniture.

First floor Infographic

Access to housing is located on the ground floor, which is not seen in this report, where a spacious lobby and a room that serves as a storage room and laundry room were created. On the first floor, a spectacular kitchen with dining room was installed, as well as a small bathroom. The second was for a cozy living room with a fireplace and a small room. The third floor is that of the master bedroom, with custom closet dressing and a full bathroom. The loft was used to set up a work area. The staircase, located in the same place as the original, is the true axis of the house. In sheet metal folded and enameled in white, it connects all the rooms.

Second floor Infographic

The axis is a central column of perforated sheet with integrated linear lighting and is finished off by a skylight on the roof, centered precisely on the eye of the staircase and that provides natural light. As for the coatings, white paint was combined with original recovered stone on the walls. The floor is a continuous floor of polished concrete, with hydraulic tiles in some sections to mark the passage. On the ceilings, ceramic vaults and metal joists stand out. Tradition and modernity to achieve a warm and cozy home.

Third floor Infographic

The houses that are surrounded by high walls also have their charm. The important thing is to achieve, not only that natural light enters, but also that it reaches all rooms. The usual thing is that they are tall and narrow constructions, with very compartmentalized spaces. Therefore, throwing partitions and creating open spaces will be essential to ensure that the light is distributed inside the house. Integrating an interior patio in the distribution of the house and opening a skylight or roof window are other architectural solutions to capture light. It is important to draw a good lighting project, in which different types of luminaires and systems are combined. It will help to achieve attractive environments and emphasize architectural details that interest highlighting.

Loft Infographic