10 receivers to renovate your country house

10 receivers to renovate your country house

Spending vacations in the town is a plan that never goes out of style, and we understand it, because there is nothing more bucolic and relaxing than waking up with the singing of the birds and the first morning sunbeam. But as the years do not forgive anything or anyone, the houses also witness the passage of time, and in the absence of creams anti-aging, good are reforms! So ... why not start with the hall?

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A layer of white paint and natural baskets can work miracles at the entrance of your house, and if you add a wrought iron lamp to give it character, even more!

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So that the hall has more glass, you only need a wooden bench and a small plant with cute flowers.

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With moles and crazy

A polka dot wallpaper is the fastest way to achieve a radical (and very cheerful) change.

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Apart from beautiful, this hall is very functional thanks to its ample integrated storage space.

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When leaving, a bench and a flower

And if it's with such beautiful cushions, what else do you want?

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If your town enjoys good weather, this exterior hall will be perfect!

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With carpet

A carpet like this will create a very friendly atmosphere. chic and elegant in the hall.

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Sheet metal and paint

Paint the door in a beautiful color and add a wreath of flowers that cheerful. You will see what change!

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Although the town is in Cáceres, a Nordic style hall always looks great.

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Give a glamorous point to your hall by adding golden details and a green wall with a little art.

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