This interior designer totally adapted a house for her family

This interior designer totally adapted a house for her family

Miriam Yeleq

They wanted to see their children grow up in a natural and peaceful environment, spaciousness, comfortable and bright spaces, green areas ... and found this house, a construction of the 70s that had been abandoned for years. So, without much thought, the interior designer and landscape artist María Salazar and her husband Gonzalo They left the flat where they lived with Jacobo, Gonzalo and Colega, a Mexican pit bull, to move to the house of your dreams. Everything had to be ready for the arrival of a new member of the family, Hugo. "We are many and also quite active, so having enough space was becoming a vital necessity," she tells us.

The original distribution was almost perfect.: “We barely throw partitions. Yes we did it at the entrance, because I am a maniac with symmetries and there were discordant axes that I did not like, and to join rooms, because we did not need as many as there were, which were many and small ”, explains Maria who, pregnant and with Other interior design projects at hand, was responsible for the reform and decoration of his house. The work lasted just over four months. "This time the nest syndrome made me strong," he laughs. "The obrón finished a month before Hugo was born. It was a priority for me to be established when he arrived. ”

From the hall you can access this space that, through a large opening without a door, leads to the living room. For her decoration, Maria chose a very special piece: “The furniture, an old Austrian chest of drawers in wood and marquetry. It's a gift from my parents, a real gem that they bought with a lot of effort. ” Miriam Yeleq The interior designer recognizes that in her projects she always seeks to create a visual continuity. In the living room of his house he did this by painting the wall of the fireplace the same color as the ceiling. Miriam Yeleq Maria loves to design the ceilings. “Many times they are the great forgotten. And it makes me very angry. ” In the living room, with the idea of ​​highlighting the majestic hanging lamp, it was painted black. Coffee table, made by a blacksmith. Braided leather chairs, by Sol & Luna. On the sofa, cushions, by Kenza & Co. The picture is from the Kreisler Gallery. Miriam Yeleq The (easy) master touch. The cushions have the power to give a new air to the decoration without investing much: just replace the cover to change the look of the room. These are from Kenza & Co. Miriam Yeleq The ceiling lamp becomes a focal point of the living area. “It comes from my husband's family. The first time I saw her was at her parents' house, when we were dating. And then, I said: I love it; if we get married, it has to be ours, ”laughs Maria. The sofa is a design of the interior designer. The carpet is from María Salazar's studio. Miriam Yeleq The interior designer and her family are delighted to have a house with a terrace. “Here we are happy! We used to live in a flat that soon became small, ”he says. Miriam Yeleq The terrace overlooks the garden of the house, in which a majestic oak grows and where you can breathe tranquility at any time of the day. “When we bought the house, we found some old bamboo sunbeds that we didn't hesitate to stay. We gave them a special place. ” Which one? This corner of relaxation. The fiber trays are from Deco & Living. Miriam Yeleq

For the decoration, Maria had pieces of family heritage and chosen furniture and accessories, some from his own studio, like the carpet or the living room sofa, which she designed: "I wanted a large sofa, in a color that contrasted with the white walls and the microcement floor." The art is very present. Sculptures, paintings, lithographs and photographs of contemporary artists enrich the environments. “We both love it. My parents are lovers of art and antiques. When we were little, we went to see museums on Saturdays and while we did our homework, my mother painted. My husband has also lived since childhood. His mother studied Fine Arts, in addition to Economics, and, for many years, he devoted himself to painting. And my father-in-law was a tireless search engine for parts. They had real wonders. ” With the decoration, Maria has achieved a house that talks about her family.

For the dining room they wanted a comfortable table, in which to enjoy tabletops with friends or family. When collected, the accessories put an elegant and simple point at the same time. “They are my porcelains. Some in biscuit - without glazing -, from Balclis Auctions and others, for example the ducks that I inherited from my grandparents. ”Hanbel's table and chairs. Miriam Yeleq Although marriage likes to cook, he is the "kitchens" of the house. So that he could demonstrate his culinary skills, the interior designer designed a comfortable and functional kitchen, with furniture finished in wood and a black granite countertop. Countertop, by Granith. Cloths and wooden boxes, from Deco & Living. Miriam Yeleq Balancing materials. The white painted walls provide clarity and help to enhance the wood of the furniture. The latter mitigates the coldness of black that, in turn, puts the modern point in the decoration. Miriam Yeleq The dining room was decorated with furniture in finishes and styles different from those of the kitchen. “For me it is essential that a house is the reflection of the people who live in it, and the figurines of my children on the shelf say a lot. The ceiling lamps were from a hotel of my grandfather. When he sold it, the family members chose something to take home and I stayed with them. ”Mesa, from María Salazar's studio. On it, wooden board, by La Casita de Margaux. The chairs are the Victoria Ghost model, by designer Philippe Starck for Kartell. Miriam Yeleq A sliding door isolates the bathroom integrated into the bedroom. For the wall of the bathtub, a porcelain coating that mimics calacatta marble was chosen. The carpets are from La Casita de Margaux. Miriam Yeleq If you want to sleep well ... recreate a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom with plain fabrics in pastel tones, which bring clarity and lightness to the environment, and add brushstrokes in a contrasting color. Miriam Yeleq Who does not dream of a bedroom suite? María Salazar took the opportunity to design the distribution of her own house to make it happen. Now, this room, decorated in pastel colors, with light furniture and very fresh bedding, is your place of absolute rest, where you disconnect and enjoy reading or taking a bath. Basket for clothes, Deco & Living. Miriam Yeleq Gon and Hugo's room, the kids in the house, transmit serenity in an environment full of visual stimuli. "Children have to grow with color and fun, in spaces that foster their creativity." The cradle in which Hugo sleeps has history: his grandmother bought it sixteen years ago for his first granddaughter and, since then, has passed from one cousin to another. Headboard and wooden stars, La Casita de Margaux. Carpet by Deco & Living. Miriam Yeleq What a character! Getting a bathroom, however small, wins in style and originality, is easier than you think. Striking wallpapers and original placed tiles will help you. Miriam Yeleq

Realization: Pilar Perea. Adjuvant: Paula Balboa.

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