A reform to gain light

A reform to gain light

Multiplying natural light and gaining visual space was the goal of the reform of this apartment, of just under 70 m2 and with a lovely and quiet block of apples. The project is signed by the architecture and design studio Álvarezsotelo, which got bright spaces -Although the house has only two windows-, comfortable and vented. The key to success was unify the environments and bet on floor and wall coverings in light tones. The ground was covered with oak flooring and the walls were painted in white. All doors were removed, except for access to the bathroom and a floor-to-ceiling slide that was installed in the bedroom.

Following the wishes of the owners, the architects made the kitchen the heart of the house, the ideal place for someone who is passionate about cooking. What used to be a small, dark space, without ventilation and with a minimal countertop, became a open stay, which receives the natural light that enters through glazed doors from the lounge In addition, to delimit the environments, a two-sided furniture was designed that provides an extra work surface and a valuable storage space both in the kitchen and in the dining area.

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In the decoration of the room, we opted to combine a range of neutral tones with the right touch of color: furniture and accessories in blue and yellow tones, with which it was possible to animate the set. Yellow armchairs and side table with tray envelope, Los Peñotes. Wool and pouf rug, by Gancedo. Cushions, from A Loja do Gato Preto.

In perfect harmony

Although contemporary designs predominate in the decoration of the room, rustic and vintage pieces were added to achieve an atmosphere with a very personal aesthetic. Mirror sun, by Lou & Hernández. Yellow wicker basket and wooden ladder, Los Peñotes

Safe from glances

One solution to gain privacy in patios, terraces and balconies is to resort to plant enclosures. In addition to being very decorative, they will bring freshness and life. Plants, by Leroy Merlin.

Perfect exterior

Take care of the decoration of your terrace and recreate an environment with great visual impact. Bet on the contrast of black furniture and white textiles, and combine it with the vividness of plants and flowers. Armchairs and table, from Los Peñotes. Cushions, by Leroy Merlin.

Golden sparkles

Gold and silver finishes send this winter. In furniture, textiles or accessories, metallic sparkles will help you put a point of sophistication and glamor in any corner of your home.

Optimal distribution

The dining room shares space with the living room area. To optimize the available meters and make the circulation more fluid, round furniture was chosen - such as the pouf and the dining and auxiliary tables - and seats with a curved design.
By not having corners, they allow you to move around them easily. In addition, the adjacent room became independent with a sliding door.

Fill your living room with vitality

With furniture or accessories in lively and cheerful tones. Be it the sofa, the armchairs, the cushions or the flowers, the key is to make those brush strokes the right ones so that the color does not invade the decoration.

Low custom furniture

The shortage of storage areas was solved with a large custom made low furniture, with cabinets on both sides: one accessible from the dining room and the other from the kitchen. Alfombra, de Gancedo. On the dining room table, vase, of Los Peñotes.

Yes to eclecticism

Mix decorative accessories of different styles and eras to create a unique and special corner. Model watch Eye clockby George Nelson for Vitra. Figure of the wading bird, from A Loja do Gato Preto.

Lacquered furniture kitchen

In the kitchen, white lacquered furniture with inlay handles were chosen to integrate them into the predominant decorative line in the living room, with neutral lines with color notes. In addition, care was taken that the appliances go unnoticed from the living room. Therefore, instead of a refrigerator of standard measures, two modules were chosen to fit under the countertop that separates the rooms.


In the bedroom, the irregularity of the floor was corrected with the distribution of furniture. The bed was located on the longest wall and the space that was free under the window was reserved to create a work area. The room has two built-in closets, whose fronts were painted in the same color as the walls to integrate them.

Different types of fabrics

Play with colors, prints and textures to achieve visually rich decorations. Ideally, combine three different types of fabrics to create a unique style. Cushions, from A Loja do Gato Preto.

Pouf and carpet

Quilt and cushions, from A Loja do Gato Preto. The pouf and the carpet are from Gancedo.

Flying furniture

The bathroom, a space without natural light, was decorated in white and neutral tones to give luminosity. In the area of ​​the washbasin, a piece of furniture with simple lines was installed, with two large drawers for storing toiletries, and a mirror with lighting included. The bathroom accessories and towels are from A Loja do Gato Preto.

Irregular floor bedroom

◾ It measures the space well so that the furniture does not hinder the opening of doors and windows.
◾ Place the bed on the longest wall. Take care that there is enough free space around to move well.
◾ If the closet is close to the bed, choose a sliding door front so they don't collide with it.
◾ Take advantage of the space under the window to create a study area. Just a desk 1 m long and 30 cm deep.
◾ Another option is to save the angle of the partition with custom furniture.