12 bedrooms to reach nirvana

12 bedrooms to reach nirvana

We know you could spend hours and hours dreaming about your ideal home, but we want to make it easy for you, so here you go twelve bedrooms to start shaping your ideas... Enjoy!

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Chic, feminine, bright ... and with a flower box that could not be better combined with the white and pink tones of the bedroom!

Instagram: Karin Dragos


Serrat already sang it… But even if you were not born in the Mediterranean, we are sure that this bedroom will conquer you as much as we do…

Pinterest: Inés Zafra

Boho chic

One of our favorite styles ... In cream tones and full of seedlings, to rest in connection with nature!

Pinterest: Estilaw

In the attic

Penthouses always have that je ne sais quoi that are welcoming since you enter the door ... But if you also see a rustic style bedroom with a swing, why do you want more?

Pinterest: Iksha K.

Natural light

With such access to the terrace, as if not to have natural light! The white tone of the wood makes it even more cozy ...

Pinterest: Kristy Wicks


To travel to Morocco you do not need to take a plane ... Just have this bedroom!

Pinterest: Heather Hartwick

A headboard that falls in love

The headboard of the rosette-shaped bed is simply spectacular, and with the bathtub two steps away!

Pinterest: Pilar Jara


It seems taken from an apartment in Manhattan! Modern and perfect for fashionistas.

Pinterest: Atelier


You will not tell us that it is not seeing and wanting to snuggle under the blanket ... and full of light!

Pinterest: Patricia Ponce


If you are looking for a warm and feminine bedroom, choose cream tones with a touch of pink, and materials such as wood.

Pinterest: Jessica Pastur


Do you want to resurrect your bedroom? Then put a floral wallpaper, and you'll see what a change!

Pinterest: Agostina Omg

Pure relax

If you suffer from depression, this light-colored bedroom will restore your energy. And the door will not lead to paradise, but almost ...

Pinterest: Project Fairytale