Ideas to organize jewelry and jewelry

Ideas to organize jewelry and jewelry

How many times have you gone for that necklace, about to go out the door, and have found yourself entangled among many others, impossible to access and, in addition to a bad mood, has it left you composed and unadorned? Well that's over. It is not bad to keep the jewelry in the drawer, but we will teach you in This video of our #Decoration Course other more practical ways to order and store your jewelry.

The jewelry box organized by boxes goes well for earrings and rings. Important to be well compartmentalized, that there is space to place separately and that nothing gets entangled. But we are talking about more fun options.

For example, a hanger or a hook is perfect for chokers and necklaces. Thus they are more at hand and perfectly stretched. They can hang on a door handle, an appliqué ... Another idea: desktop stands, ideal for bedside tables. We also propose that you use the walls: hooks, handles, hangers on a wooden structure that you can make yourself.

But the most is this closet specially designed to store your jewelry. It has different heights, hangers, hangers, shelves ... A real treat!

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