The house of interior designer Tine Kjeldsen in Mallorca is the best example of Slow Deco

The house of interior designer Tine Kjeldsen in Mallorca is the best example of Slow Deco


On a sunny December day, a few years ago, Danish interior designer Tine Kjeldsen was in Palma visiting a client when she got his attention an apartment in the lively Santa Catalina neighborhood, from which hung the poster of It sells on the facade. On the corner, it was bright and had lovely balconies with iron railings and typical Mallorcan wooden shutters. He immediately decided that he had to take a look and, upon entering, fell in love with him in the act despite the poor condition he presented after having been unemployed for some time. “It was clear that the apartment needed love,” says Tine, and that is exactly what he received in the form of a careful renovation that has revitalized the space and made it a holiday apartment for the designer, her husband Jacob Fossum, and their three children, Klara, Tilde and Konrad.

Basket, by Tine K Home. GREG COX

It is likely that the charm of the building's stairs inspired the designer to decorate her Mallorcan home. Its elegance, textures and naturalness have moved to the interiors of the house.


The entrance door to the apartment opens to a corridor and the rooms, which are guessed full of light. The hydraulic tile, the dark wooden doors and the ceiling moldings are original elements of the house that, with success, have been preserved. Finished the reform, its presence embellishes the spaces.


The coffee table and the rest of the furniture are from the firm Tine K Home. GREG COX

Plastered walls, not painted, have a unique texture and multiple nuances in contact with natural light. It is in this refined space where the pavement vintage -all a discovery discovered during the works- that remained hidden under another less attractive, takes on maximum prominence.


Time seems to have stopped in the dining room, which acquires a look Romantic -a retro and theatrical point- with the play of light and shadow created by the Mallorcan lamas. Each piece of furniture has a visual interest in itself, although the armchairs with their enveloping design attract the eye.


Respecting the identity of the house - moldings, carpentry and pavement - has allowed the interior designer and owner to have a scenario that distills authenticity. A feature that she has enhanced with handmade furniture, made of rattan and bamboo, and the intentional purification of space achieved with bare walls.


The dining room is reflected in one of the mirrors of the living room, with sheet metal molding. In the designer's decorative commitment, the pieces counted make light enhance space and textures.


The natural simplicity and visual cleanliness of the Nordic style, with few but well-chosen pieces and light fabrics, have turned an old Mallorcan apartment into a current home, with a relaxed air. It is located in the lively Santa Catalina neighborhood, in Palma, a short distance from the historic center.


Practical and simple, the new kitchen -of simple and refined lines- of Tine and her family has achieved a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Before the work it was next to the entrance and it was bigger, but now that space has been allocated to the children's bedroom. Tine explains: "We didn't want to cook so much, with all these lovely restaurants around us," alluding to the locals in the Santa Catalina neighborhood.


In the kitchen, the black color in some details contrasts with the white furniture, which gives elegance and a contemporary air. With this chromatic duo that defines the Scandinavian style, the space is kept neat and visually clean. To highlight, the extra long shelf to store the most used utensils and the perfect integration into the wall of a new window - which allows the passage of natural light to the bathroom - and is very decorative for its color, proportion and design.

Leather handles, utensils and lamps, from Tine K Home. Taps, from Grohe. GREG COX


The same stillness and air slow that are perceived throughout the house is also present in the children's bedroom.

“We love this simple lifestyle,” says Tine, referring to what they do when they travel to Mallorca. A serene decoration demonstrates it in every room environment.


Dark carpentry and hydraulic pavement unify the environments and give cohesion to the interior design project. Both achieve a third effect in the house: create harmonic spaces that convey calm.


With an original composition of mirrors and black appliqués with long arm, in this bedroom nobody misses the headboard ...


Powdered gray quilt and Liberty flowers on the cushions complete the decoration.


The bathroom maintains the same decorative scheme of the rest of the house, but here, in this small space, pieces such as the stone sink or the iron wall light acquire greater relief and have more impact on the decoration.


The striped flooring, of Moroccan origin, is new and is part of the Tine K Home collection.


In brass tray.


The fusion of deco styles is a reality in interior design that mixes furniture and / or details of origin and diverse times, also crafts. In the Moroccan proposal of Tine, tea is accompanied by brevas.

Yes to light fabrics.


Linen and cotton are natural, breathable and pleasant to the touch and in sight! Protect the sofa of your second residence with a cover. If it is white, give it life with a plaid and cushions in another tone. Subtle and chic, this contrast with the range of gray to chalk.

The charm of ceramics.

In a holiday home, simplicity in decoration helps to have more free time, but incorporating handmade details such as these denotes personality and style.

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The house, which had to be reformed, is in many ways a perfect expression of Tine K Home, the decoration firm he founded with Jacob in 1999, in which they have created a unique blend of Scandinavian simplicity with French, Asian and Moroccan influences.

With the style that Tine has decorated her cozy holiday residence, the environments share an elegant and relaxed atmosphere, in line with the general feeling of her brand, but given its location, her look is somewhat more relaxed. “In Palma it is more boho combined with Nordic, simple and natural,” says Tine, and then adds that it feels good, like at home: “Our Spanish home is our second home and a place where the whole family can relax” .

Discover this house in Palma It is to know another reality of the Nordic style, nothing cold and relaxing. The home that Danish designer Tine Kjeldsen has in Mallorca is committed to the simplicity and leisurely pace that rattan and bamboo furniture print, natural fabrics, decoration without artifice and the nakedness of the walls.
Your most valuable resources: the mix of textures and a neutral color palette, which have enhanced the sobriety of retro carpentry and the beauty of ornamental moldings. With them and the recovered hydraulic floors, he has drawn an interior design of a timeless, comfortable and refined elegance, which conveys well-being and infects his serenity.