A modern flat of only 45 m2

A modern flat of only 45 m2

A full-blown crush. The first time the professionals responsible for this reform and interior design project visited the apartment, they immediately saw its enormous potential.

Ana Bolaños, technical architect and manager of the Maos Maintenance and Works Techniques company, and Miguel Angel Naranjo, its collaborating architect, knew that they would turn it into a cozy and bright house. With this objective they got to work. After studying and defining the spaces very well, they made infographics to visualize materials and finishes, and thus get a fairly approximate idea of ​​the final result. Or at least, that was what they thought, because when the works began, the project took an unexpected turn: the demolition of the partitions and false ceilings gave them a pleasant surprise: almost 4 meters high, which made them rethink the plan of distribution and plot the volume set that would later be executed.

The house, of only 45 m2, has integrated lounge, dining room and kitchen; a bedroom, a bathroom and a patio. In addition, a loft which could be used to locate a second room. Being a small apartment, the needs were very clear: open spaces, simple lines, neutral colors and warm touches to avoid excess coldness. The sensation of visual continuity was achieved through White color, present not only in the walls, but also in furniture and upholstery, and through the vinyl flooring that covers the floor of the whole house.


The goal is for the kitchen to go unnoticed from the living room. To achieve this, it is best to follow the same decorative criteria (style and color range) in both environments. Paneling the appliances in the same finish as the furniture is a solution so that they do not break the uniformity of the environment. Another possibility is to opt for integrable models, which are completely hidden behind a door of the same design as that of the cabinets. Same space, same materials. Walls and floors will help you to unify the environments.

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Living room, dining room and kitchen joined together to achieve greater sense of space and gain in comfort. Thanks to a successful distribution of furniture, as well as the choice of the same coatings and colors for the three environments, it was achieved that they occur in an aesthetic and decorative way.


The height of the ceilings allowed to build a loft in which a bedroom was located and under it, the bathroom. It was delimited with a very light railing, painted in white, in order to fully integrate it into the living room.


In the living room, white is present, not only on the walls, but also on upholstery and furniture, visually lighter than wood finishes. Rose brush strokes were added to break the balance and monotony of the environment. Cushions, plaid Round pouf and gray carpet, for sale in Gancedo.


The table, besides being a small design, was accompanied by two chairs from the same collection to create a harmonious atmosphere; a visual uniformity that enhances the feeling of spaciousness. In the background, the hall, which communicates with the living room directly, without a door, to gain luminosity and depth.


The hall of this apartment is a perfect example of how it is possible to make a space, however small, a functional environment
and with personality. It was decorated with a low-bottom shoe cabinet and a wall hanger.
Vase, from Los Peñotes. Carpet by Leroy Merlin.


If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, surround yourself with nature! Place plants and flowers in planters of different types and choose practical furniture that matches the space. Cushions, by Gancedo.


Advice! Group plants that have similar needs in terms of irrigation and light in pots or planters. Thus, it will be much easier to take care of them. Pots, of House. Lighthouse by Leroy Merlin.


The kitchen, fully open to the living room, was decorated with white furniture lacquered in high gloss, smooth and without handles, so that the two environments form a balanced and harmonious set. To take advantage of every inch, tall cabinets were installed practically up to the ceiling.


Combine white with golden details to achieve an elegant and chic decoration. Remember that gold, bronze, copper and brass finishes are in fashion. White vases, Tiger, and gold, for sale at Zara Home.


Bioethanol fireplaces are the latest decorative trend. In addition to giving warmth, they will help you put a modern and unique touch in the decoration of any room. The best: they don't need a special installation.


Extend the countertop on a front of the same material to protect and, at the same time, decorate the wall of the cooking and sink areas. Combining two different materials in horizontal stripes is also an ideal optical resource to widen the space.


The brick seen, which appeared after the works, gives a very special touch to the master bedroom. When combined with white and gray bedding, natural wood and smooth fronts, a fresh, contemporary style decoration was achieved. Quilt and cushions, by Gancedo. Carpet by Leroy Merlin. Bedside table, from Domestic Shop.


If you like exposed brick walls, in the market you will find synthetic panels, made of resin and fiberglass, that mimic their appearance. They are tough and durable, and also reproduce wood, stones and other finishes.


In the bathroom, a clear and bright environment was recreated. On the walls, the paint, in a very light tone, was combined with ceramic pieces
darker to create contrast. The sink area was solved with a blown countertop, on which the sink was installed. A white suspended furniture was placed underneath.


The shower, located in a corner of the bathroom, was closed with a screen with sliding doors for easy access. The sink and toilet were located on the wall in front of the entrance door. Blue fiber basket, in Leroy Merlin. The towel is from A Loja do Gato Preto.