Garlic and onions: varieties, characteristics and uses in the kitchen

Garlic and onions: varieties, characteristics and uses in the kitchen

Nuria Serrano

Antioxidants, anticoagulants, diuretics, disinfectants ... onions and garlic are a health guarantee, especially if they are taken raw. But stews, accompany, enhance and bring a master touch to the elaborations


Yellow or traditional It is the most popular and versatile. With a soft and sweet taste, due to its great presence of sugar, it is perfect for frying and roasting. In autumn, its sweetness is enhanced. Include it in stews, soups or stews.

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Red or purple onion Soft, although with a spicy touch, it contains many antioxidants. Delicious raw and ideal for making ceviches, enriching pizzas, salads and taco filling.

Shallot Very used in French and Asian cuisine, it is aromatic, mild in taste with a touch of garlic (as if it had been fused with it). You can fry sliced ​​-Its texture is super crunchy-, or cheer up a baked chicken ...

Onions are basically composed of water, nothing less than 90% of their composition.

French onion. It is used more to make stir-fry or side dishes of all kinds of meat: veal, lamb, pork, chicken ... It is also very good on a barbecue of grilled vegetables.

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Tender bunch white and red onion. Do not confuse with chives: these are younger. These are dried onions collected in the development phase or green. Its flavor is stronger and more spicy than that of "her sisters". Depending on the variety, they can be white, yellow and red.

Ideas for using onions and garlic in the kitchen: SUPER RICH DISHES WITH A BASE OF ONIONS AND GARLIC


Traditional white Persistent aroma and excellent flavor. They are more fleshy and are preserved for longer than other types of garlic. Its use is universal: a variety suitable for all types of stews, sauteed, etc.

Pink garlic. Of great power and with French origin. He is also known with the nickname garlic of the witch or the snake. You can eat peeled and raw in salad, boiled in water with oil and lemon or fried.

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Get in Young garlic plant, has an aroma and taste less concentrated than the mature. Garlic is the king of scrambled eggs, tortillas and tempura. In sofritos, add a delicate touch.

Nuria Serrano
There are many more, but these are very popular and versatile. You can find them in your market. Related content Ten foods that take care of your heart


Delicious, pickled:

Peel and scald 1/2 kg of French onions, 5 min. Then, cook them in boiling vinegar with 1 tablespoon of sugar, 2 of salt and 2 cloves. Put them in a closed boat and this, in turn, to the water bath another 20 min.

Onion jam, how delicious!

To accompany meats, fish, combine with cheese ... or just alone.

Onion jam is very easy to make and you only need two ingredients: 1 kg of tender onions and 500 g of sugar.

1. Peel and wash the onions and put them on a baking sheet at 200º C with a stream of olive oil and salt.

2. Leave them for about 40 minutes, turning them over. Take them out and rest a little.

3. In a casserole, pour three glasses of water and sugar. Put the onions and cook over medium heat 30 minutes.

4. Stir all the time, so that they do not stick and so that they take on a consistency and dark caramelized color.

5. Finally, put them in closed glass jars and cook them in a water bath.

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