A family house design in 80 meters

A family house design in 80 meters

A house of 80 square meters, located in Kiev (Ukraine), and recently transformed into a comfortable family home design. In 2015 FateevaDesign receives this project with the aim of getting a home tailored to a young couple with a small child of 5 years. The day area is a common and open space with living room, dining room and kitchen in the same room. In addition, the house has a master bedroom, the children's bedroom and the bathroom.

The project is signed by FATEEVADESIGN.
Photos, by Andrey Avdeenko.
Styling, by Natasha Yegorova.

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The same room, three rooms: living room, dining room and kitchen.

Optical effects

The light is distributed in a room with shared environments. The white and the wall covered with mirror multiply the luminosity and the meters.

In front of the sofa, the TV installed on the wall and a built-in bookcase.

Pure art

In a niche of work, which frames the painting on the wall.

The dinner room

The kitchen is distributed online in front of the window. Then the dining room, in the center of the room, with the convenience of proximity.

Freshly Baked Delights

Fresh out of the oven.

A careful lighting project

In the work, carried out by Fateeva Design, the lighting project was one of the most careful aspects. Not only during the day, when the white and the mirror reflect natural light, but during the night with luminaries of all kinds that create atmosphere.

Seating area

In this shot you can see the dining room, then the living room and in the background the hall.

With warehouse

The day area has the right furniture to not recharge. In the project, next to the sofa, a closet that goes unnoticed on its smooth front.

The lighting

Floor lamps next to the sofa and spotlights on the wall.

Original main furniture

Detail of the lounge furniture: TV installed on the wall between two built-in shelves. In the background, the hall.

The hall

A piece of furniture flown next to the closet, wall mirror and suggestive lighting set from the ceiling.


The continuity in the spaces is one of the successes of the distribution. From the hall you access the living room, dining room and kitchen and, with more privacy, the rooms and bathroom. Here, at the entrance, a pillar that organizes the passage to the hall.

Floor to ceiling mirror

Next to the entrance door, a floor-to-ceiling closet and in front of it is a mirror mural.

Light and seats

In front of the mirror, some stools and a decorative ceiling lamp with three screens.

In detail

As if they weren't, but they are. On both sides of the mirror wall of the hall two storage columns. In this shot you can see the detail of the change of floor coverings.

Well coordinated master bedroom

The style of the furniture, the textures of the textiles, the colors ... Everything fits!

The main room

Here the weight of textiles is responsible for the warmth of the bedroom.

Main bedroom An original composition

As bedside tables, some original asymmetric models that introduce color. In line with this, the deco accessories also add the originality to the environment.

Reading corner

A mini-type armchair and a floor lamp are enough to create a light reading corner in the bedroom.

The fourth infanitl

Perfect! An original bed that simulates a sofa or space to study in the future.

Clear space

The center of the small room of the house is clear to play.

The bathroom

In the bathroom, the toilet has been located in a preserved area. The sink is also "embedded" between two walls.

Gray and white

Gray (in various shades) and white for the bathroom.

With a shower

View of the bathroom with the shower cabin at the end.