A caravan in your garden

A caravan in your garden

When you think of an outdoor getaway, it is inevitable to think of annoying mosquito bites or dirt-covered tents, but this tiny trailer shows that camping can be a stylish experience.

Over seven months, Jolie Dionne transformed this "unattractive" motorhome of the 60s into a bright and cheerful oasis, according to his blog Vintage Meets Glam. Jolie found this 1968 Sprite model caravan on, a second-hand ad website in Canada, and bought it for $ 1,300.

Before the makeover, the caravan had not had any update since 1968. It was outdated, it was dark and it was urgently needed attention.

As you can imagine, the project required a lot of work. To cool the exterior, Jolie had to sand, apply a new sealer, and paint the exterior. To make the motorhome really shine, he created this beautiful design with a cheerful green on the outside.

Then Jolie went to work indoors, needing a new countertop, floors, moldings, lamps, curtains, upholstery, decoration and lots of fresh paint on the walls and furniture. Jolie introduced vibrant colors and prints, while leaving the furniture and walls blank to create a balance inside.

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Via: Country Living US