These are Amazon's best selling vacuum cleaners

These are Amazon's best selling vacuum cleaners

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Summer is running out and with its end the time when you have to close windows and get to the idea that soon it will be more time to be inside than outside the home. We say goodbye to the wonderful terrace and we we reconcile with our home giving it the attention that in summer we put aside; small changes that prepare the new season ahead and give us back that desire - which we had very pleasantly lost - to make plans at home. But before that, you have to put some order: empty cabinets, do a deep cleaning, relocate our utensils, store our bags and give the final door to our private rentrée. We know it's the toughest phase you have to go through before turning on your fall decorator mode, but are you well prepared to get it?

An extra point will always give you the right gadgets to make the process easier. Let's start with a basic: the vaccum cleaner which, always at hand, is a good ally. Do you already have one? Touch dust it off. If not, we leave you a list with the top rated and best selling from Amazon. Ahead!

Advertising - Read on below 1 Cecotec Conga Amazon Cecotec € 319.00 BUY

The famous robot vacuum cleaner makes it very easy for the rentrée. With laser mapping of your home and remote control from your mobile, you will always have your home ready without any effort. At least that counts the more than 250 users who have already valued it (very positively)

2 Cecotec Duo Stick Conga Amazon Cecotec € 26.91 BUY

From the same firm we have its vertical version, perfect for those who choose to manually aspirate. Its good results are also supported by the number of users who have bought it.

3 Rowenta Compact Amazon Rowenta € 80.99 BUY

For the more traditional ones who prefer to point towards the safe, we choose this vacuum cleaner with incredible power and multiple accessories to reach any surface without problems. It has a 1.5 L deposit for which no bag is needed. In their ratings users also highlight how quiet it is.

4 Amazon Hikeren broom household vacuum cleaner € 89.98 BUY

This double vacuum cleaner has an average of 5 stars according to the more than 200 users who have already tried it. It highlights its great power and the comfort of having a small handheld vacuum cleaner to access smaller surfaces.

5 Amazon VicTsing handheld vacuum cleaner € 42.99 BUY

For those who do not need a vacuum cleaner, we select this option very well valued to get rid of the dust of a stroke. It is light and compact so, even in very small spaces, it can be the definitive solution that will facilitate the cleaning moment.

6 Cordless vacuum cleaner Amazon proscenic € 111.74 BUY

We include in this list another vertical cordless vacuum cleaner that also has its handheld version so you don't miss anything. Both have a great power (adjustable) highlighted by all users who have already tried it. Without a doubt, it is the complete and necessary cleaning kit to give a new air to your home.

7 Bagless cylindrical vacuum cleaner Amazon AmazonBasics € 47.91 BUY

Also mention a simpler vacuum cleaner for those looking for more affordable solutions. We select this Amazon model for its wonderful value for money.