10 female rooms for an afternoon with friends

10 female rooms for an afternoon with friends

If every time you saw a chapter of Sex in New York you dreamed of having one of those meetings so chic With your friends, you're in luck! Because not only can you enjoy them in the voice of now, but also, you will do it without leaving home ... How? With these 10 rooms only for girls.

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With such a dining room, your friends will not know if they are at home or at the reception of a luxury hotel. Turquoise, pink and gold, the perfect mix of colors!

Pinterest: Vintage & Chic


The white and pastel tones give light and sweetness to this room ultrachic.

A trick: floral details are always very feminine.

Pinterest: Veronica Sb

For artists with boho soul

If you live by and for art, show your most precious works in the room, and give it a touch boho filling it with seedlings. It will look great!

Pinterest: Cristina MM

A large carpet

A beautiful carpet in red and orange tones that fills this spacious living room with life. And the brown leather chair, the master touch!

Pinterest: Kristin Feierabend


If every time you see a room in pink tones you feel butterflies in your stomach, you may need a chamomile ... or it may be the color of your life!

Pinterest: Sunny Tsao


Do you have high ceilings? Well, it's the perfect occasion to dress the wall with that wonderful gigantic painting. And to add even more character to the living room, combine furniture of different styles as in the photo.

Pinterest: Storme Conradie


With exposed brick wall and cream tones, the ideal combination between a style chic and industrial!

Pinterest: Homedecort


If you want to get a feminine but simple salon, don't get complicated! Choose a range of white and gray tones, and decorate with pretty flowers.

Pinterest: Martin

With personality

Between the turquoise sofa with golden details, and the candlestick full of colored balls, they will pay attention to everything except the conversation ... Sorry!

Pinterest: Gravity Home

Flamenco love

If yours with flamingos is pure and hard attraction, do as in the photo and dedicate a place on the wall. Just do not forget to combine it with a room in white, pink and gold tones. Beautiful!

Pinterest: Jodi McKee