This small town has the most charming story houses

This small town has the most charming story houses

Situated in the beautiful north coast of California, Carmel-by-the-Sea is a small town so sweet and idyllic as its name. It is about 200 kilometers south of San Francisco and near the famous Pebble Beach golf courses. Carmel is very small (only 2.6 square kilometers) and has less than 4,000 inhabitants, although all tourists visiting this town inflate that number.

Part of the charm is its pristine condition: thanks to the wise laws of the area, there are no fast food restaurants, t-shirt stores or a promenade that alters its essence of the old world. Instead, Carmel has more than 20 homes and businesses that seem taken from a fairy tale. The atmosphere is much more magical at Christmas, when the lovely shops, restaurants and inns display the red carpet.

"It's magical and picturesque" says Debi Leonardini, who has been happening in this town vacation for 16 years with her husband Jim. "There are lovely buildings and unique shops, plus there is good food and wine. Carmel is really like a small European village, away from the hustle and bustle."

Unique and sleepers, with rebel details reminiscent of the past and lead to a fairy tale, so are the structures of Carmel, brainchild of Hugh Comstock, who built the first house in this village in 1924 as a gift for his wife, Mayotta. The house was intended to save all the dolls she had created and then sold. Totally bewitched by "Hansel", the name by which it is known cottage, Residents of Carmel Comstock asked to design for them too.

It did not take long for the town was full of fantastic architecture. And at Christmas, everything becomes magical. Every year Carmel celebrates the famous lighting of the Christmas tree in Devendorf Park and other events that attract (such as the Christmas work represented by children 'The Nutcracker') to many visitors. This charming village, with or without events, remains one of the best places to spend the holidays.

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Although the owner of the Tuck Box, Jef Le Towt he laughs not much Christmas decorating "the place looks like a Christmas card all year," many other businesses in Carmel are covered with the most festive possible mantle.

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Hugh Comstock was the first to build a house like magic in this town so picturesque.

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Out of the hubbub

Carmel was the perfect place to create a small village out of a fairy tale. A quaint streets and houses away from the bustle.

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Sweet home

The style that gave the village was inspired by old European villages.

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Carmel Country Inn

At around Carmel there are quaint hotels that are filled with visitors throughout the year. The preferred time, as you can imagine, it's Christmas. Carmel Country Inn is a pet-and always decorate a large Christmas tree at the entrance. And the night of the 24 Santa Claus arrives to hand out Christmas stockings filled with candy for both duseños as pets.

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Happy Landing Inn

This inn is charming thanks to the wooden construction and its large three-meter-tall spruce that, of course, is filled with lights and glitter at Christmas.

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Room at the inn Happy Landing

The main room of the inn Happy Landing decorated for Christmas.
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