10 youth bedrooms for the boys of the house!

10 youth bedrooms for the boys of the house!


We say unnoticed because as soon as they see them they will be hypnotized ... and they will not give so much war! And returning to the main topic ... As every teenager is a world, each bedroom is of a different but special style, so ... let's see if you are right which one is your son's! Let's go thereā€¦

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Drawings of animals on the wall and wooden panels to delimit the space, simply wonderful!

Pinterest: Bec Sivs

Dino lover

If you want to recreate Jurassic Park In your bedroom, here you have inspiration.

Pinterest: Laura de Ven

Teen mickey

Mickey Mouse has reached adolescence, and surely your son is crazy about this new version of the classic character.

Pinterest: Arquiart

Olympic gymnast

Is there anything better for an athlete than to be able to train in his own bedroom?

Pinterest: Marloes Geerlings


If you have a Californian soul at home, take note of this bedroom only suitable for surfers!

Pinterest: Laurence

Music lover

Rock, punk... The boy is proving to have good musical taste, so ... why not reward him with this bedroom?

Pinterest: Andressa Vasquez

For baseball fans

The most famous American sport transformed into an original wallpaper with the illustration of a ball.

Pinterest: Whiting

With art and elegance

If you came out with an artistic vein and more elegance than Cary Grant, this bedroom will love it!

Pinterest: Firecracker


You know it, and he does too: it is nailed to Jules Verne. So this bedroom with included map will be great!

Pinterest: Amber Peeperkorn


A beautiful wooden headboard that will make you feel as if you lived in a cabin in the middle of the forest.

Pinterest: Nous Decor