An upholstered armchair

An upholstered armchair


Measure each piece of the armchair (backrest, seat, arms ...) and take out the templates on paper. Take them on the cloth and cut each piece. Place each piece of fabric on the armchair with the drawing facing down and join all the pieces with pins. Remove the seat cover and blend the seams. Place it on the armchair and make sure it looks good. Remove it again and cook it with the machine leaving a part of the side without closing to put it on and remove it with ease. Make a hem on the bottom and insert the cord to adjust the fabric. Cut the excess seams. Before adjusting the cover, paint the legs of the chosen color.


Cotton fabric (this is from Coordonné), painting Chalk Paint Old White, by Annie Sloan, template paper, white thread and needle, pins and scissors, sewing machine, elastic cord.

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Tricks to upholster: Instead of fitting the fabric, you can close it with Velcro, automatic or tape. Yellow vase, from Zara Home. Blue teapot, from Federica & Co. Jute carpet, from Leroy Merlin. Floral arrangement, by Ángel Magán. Cord and pompoms, from Comercial Amparo.

Cushion cover

With another piece of cloth that you have at home you can make a cover to the kidney cushion and finish it with 4 wool pom poms in the corners.

Camouflaged glasses

If you have plenty of armchair fabric, you can take advantage of it by making a cover for the glasses. Close it with a piece of elastic colored rubber.

Labor bag

Sew two scraps that have been left over from the armchair and cushion fabrics and make a practical reversible bag to protect the wool, knitting needles and the work you have in your hands.