Handmade decoration

Handmade decoration

Advertising - Continue reading below 1 Diy coat rack

A straight and sturdy branch can become an original coat rack. Tie a rope to each end of the branch and secure it with a strong knot, which prevents it from releasing when you hang weight.
Attach the other two ends of the ropes to two hooks on the ceiling. You already have a fun clothes rack to decorate your children's room and leave their clothes on hand for the next day ...

2 Customize your kitchen

Use easy ideas to turn it into a unique space. Combine metal and wood furniture. Look at the picture: an industrial-style bookcase is carried away with a wood-paneled door refrigerator, as in this model of Portobello Street. Paint each wall one way. You can cover one with slate paint, to write notes and messages, and another with a rustic or mopped finish. What do you like?

3 What a complete bedside table!

A perfect solution when meters are scarce is this
bedside table-shelf: an ingenious little furniture where there are them. It is a proposal of, which can inspire you to make your own model. Inside, the box is hollow and has a lid that closes with a magnet to hide the plugs and switches. If it is kept open, the lid itself serves as a mini-countertop to place the mobile while charging.

4 Tables as pictures

Round, square, rectangular, small or large. Did you think of decorating the wall of your kitchen with a composition of cutting boards? These are very much and you find them from € 4.99. But if you have old models at home, with the weathered wooden surface, you can create combinations with a beautiful vintage touch ...