Make a shoe cover

Make a shoe cover

Angelica Heras Advertising - Read on below 1 Practical bedspread Angelica Heras

A cover with modern air in blue tones.

2 Materials Angelica Heras

3 m of fabric, in this case we have chosen the Bonbon model, from Camengo, with white and turquoise paintings, the same colors with which the bedroom has been decorated; white velcro tape, sewing machine, scissors, meter, pencil ...

3 Step 1 Angelica Heras

Measure the height that goes from the bed base to the ground, and the length of the sides and that of the feet and cut the fabric leaving a few cm.

4 Step 2 Angelica Heras

FOLD the fabric to make the hem. Do it up and down, so you have to include the hems before cutting.

5 Step 3 Angelica Heras

SEW a hilvan for the hems at the edges of the shoe cover and then top it off with the sewing machine.

6 Step 4 Angelica Heras

PLACE the adhesive velcro tape, on the edges of the fabric of the cover, on the reverse, after it is sewn.

7 Step 5 Angelica Heras

CAREFULLY ADHER the opposite part of the velcro strap at the edge of the sides and feet of the bed base.

8 Step 6 Angelica Heras

Glue the fabric of the cover, with the help of velcro, to the bed base, taking care that it is well adjusted.

9 Fabric flowers Angelica Heras

With floral pattern, Vilaconde model, € 31.60 / m, 2.80 m wide, from Scenes.

10 blue fabric Angelica Heras

Turquoise, plain cotton, € 29.40 / m, 1.40 m wide, from Gastón and Daniela.

11 Linen fabric Angelica Heras

Flowers in linen and cotton, in modern print, Flores Moulin model, € 32.50 / m, found in Maison Decor.

12 Japanese fabric Angelica Heras

Japanese landscape in pastel colors, from the Sangla collection, € 68 / m, by Güell-Lama.