A small apartment that plays with its limits

A small apartment that plays with its limits

Subliminal Image (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocio Romero)

"That there were neither partitions nor conventional doors, that the ceiling was not reached with anything opaque and, most difficult, disorienting in 50 m2." These three ambitious goals were those raised by the members of Manuel Ocaña's studio when a young owner arrived at his office with a 51 m2 flat that he wanted to reform. "She was clear that she wanted wood, hydraulic tiles and a tatoo like Beyonce, "they explain.

Combining both proposals required radical measures. The studio cleared the entire house and drew new borders for the rooms thanks to the use of furniture and glass screens. A pillar in the center of the space, which in principle could seem an inconvenience, became its ally by serving as a basis for marking the new distribution: a kitchen open to the living room, a bathroom and a bedroom. In the background, hidden behind a wall of mirrors, a volume conceals the most intimate area of ​​the bathroom and storage space. This game of reflections and transparencies manages, on the one hand, to visually expand the square meters and, on the other, it plays tricks on the true limits of the house.

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The 51 square meters of this floor have been expanded thanks to the use of mirror and glass walls.

Challenge achieved

Manuel Ocaña's studio, in charge of the reform, wanted to expand the spaces in an unconventional way and that we disoriented in just 51m2.

Greenhouse effect Subliminal Image (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocio Romero)

The new borders were delimited by furniture and glass screens.

More wood

Ikea furniture was used, which was then hidden with formwork boards.

Light metals

Detail of the legs of the dining room table.

Nouvelle cuisine

The kitchen remained open to the living room.

Ground view

The owner wanted to have hydraulic tile. The interior designers decided to install it in the kitchen with a mirror skirting: "With that floor another skirting board makes no sense," they explain.

Transparence law

The study cleared the upper part of the walls when installing glass screens.

Good support

A pillar in the center of the house served to trace the new distribution.


A detail similar to a tattoo adorns the central pillar of the house.

Nothing to hide

View of the living room and bedroom from the bathroom.

Watch double

A volume lined with mirrors on the outside hides the areas of the bathroom where more privacy is needed.

Perfect grip

The door knobs are fully integrated with the structure.

Glass and mirror

Detail of the bathroom wall.

His faithful reflection

The sink area reflected in the wall of mirrors.


In the bedroom, mirror doors hide the closet.

Go to the light

Detail of one of the lamps.