7 superfoods that will succeed this year

7 superfoods that will succeed this year

Cassava flour, mushrooms, and even if you don't believe it ... the bacon will also be one of the superfoods that will sweep this 2018, according to Muscle Food. From exotic maqui berries to spices such as turmeric, through nut oils, they are all part of the list you should know!

1. Cassava flour

Many people are regulars of wheat or coconut flour, but the last thing is cassava flour! Traditionally consumed in Bali and South Asia, this soft flour made with cassava roots is suitable for paleo and vegan diets. In addition, it does not contain gluten, which makes it the perfect food for all those who suffer intolerances.

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2. Super dust

The benefits of so-called "super dust" such as turmeric, are more than proven. This spice of the color of gold is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and many studies suggest that it could help fight dementia. In fact, the expert of Muscle Food in healthy food states that he expects to see an increase in the consumption of turmeric, maca, cocoa and matcha, as they contain a lot of antioxidants and help speed up the metabolism.

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3. Maqui berries

These little treats are low in sugars and are full of antioxidants and vitamins. In addition, they taste much softer than Goji or Acai berries, and help regulate blood sugar levels!

4. Chufa

The chufa is full of fiber, vegetable proteins, potassium and prebiotics, known to facilitate digestion. But it is also a great star product, as they have less trans fat than nut butter.

6. Bacon

Despite the bad press that bacon has received lately (in 2015 the World Health Association concluded that processed meat, including bacon, is carcinogenic), according to Muscle Food, is a food that can alleviate the effects of diabetes , stroke and heart disease. But to make it work, you have to choose a nitrate-free variety (chemical or natural salts added as preservatives). In addition, the bacon is still a principal of many teas, coffees and even soups ... Although you can also take them on a toast!

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