Special dining rooms: All at the table!

Special dining rooms: All at the table!

How to choose the dining table

Get carried away by your tastes when choosing the style of furniture, as well as the material and finish, but before deciding on a specific model, it is important that you take into account the available space. It will depend on it that you achieve a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.
Your dining room is not very big? Choose a square table that measures at least 150 cm side. An extensible model, which allows you to expand the capacity of your dining room when you have more guests, will also be very useful.
Round designs are another good option because, in addition, they favor conversation during lunch and dinner. For four people, the ideal is to measure 120 cm in diameter.
If the shortage of meters is not a problem and you like to organize appointments with many guests, get an oval or rectangular model, with a capacity of between 6 and 10 people. Regardless of the form, remember that around any table should be a free space of 80-90 cm, so that you move without difficulties.

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The decoration of the dining room should be in line with the rest of the house. Also, if you share space with the living room, better follow the same decorative line. If you like the rustic style, choose a wooden table, fiber carpet and a restored cupboard. For industrial environments, choose a table with a wooden envelope and metal legs and combine chairs of different models. And if you prefer a Nordic dining room, bet on white, wood and very refined lines.

Crockery. The final touch to the dining room will be placed by the dishes, fountains, glassware ... These talk about the personality and taste of the host. Combine pieces of different dishes looking for a point in common and have enough for all diners, glasses for different types of wine, snack trays ... This atmosphere is from La Redoute.
Natural flowers they must be of mild aromas, so that their smell does not prevent enjoying the food.

The table is the protagonist Alec Hemer

The table is the star piece of the dining room. The choice of one model or another will be determined by the dimensions of the space, family needs and its decorative value. For mini spaces, the most suitable are the square ones, since the space is better used. Extensibles are also very useful, as they allow you to win seats if desired. When space is not a problem, the best, round, oval and rectangular.

Respect the distances. In general, each diner needs about 60 cm wide and about 40 cm deep. For a rectangular table with 4 seats, the measurements will be 120x80 cm. In the round tables, the distances are reduced, so
one for 4 people must be about 90 cm in diameter. Add between 15 and 20 cm more for each one. Leave at least 90 cm distance between the table and the nearest wall or furniture.

Styling: Jennifer Berno Decleene

Wooden and showcase

Once the table is chosen, you have to choose the furniture and accessories to assemble the dining room. If you have space, opt for a sideboard or a cupboard with a showcase, like this one by Maisons du Monde. In it you can store and have on hand the dishes, glassware, cutlery and table linen. A carpet brings warmth and personality. It will look great if it protrudes at least 70 cm on each side of the table. Pictures, photos, pots, mirrors, candles ... will fill the whole room with life.

The chairs are an important outlay, so it is necessary to choose resistant materials and with a design that you fall in love with. Not all have to be the same, but the set has to be harmonious. You can combine leather chairs with metal or mix plastic models with wood. In the variety is the spice.

Seat height and the width should be about 45 cm and the backrest about 80-95 cm to sit well.

Well dressed dining room

You will get the color point in the dining rooms with textiles. Place light and thin curtains that let in natural light. Choose brightly colored tablecloths for family meals, and white and beige tones for more formal meetings. If you have a bank, fill it with cushions, preferably washable especially if there are children.

A correct light is basic to see well the food on the table and to help you create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Place a hanging lamp on the table at a distance of at least 70 cm and centered; You will avoid annoying shadows. For desktops, indirect lights directed towards the wall or ceiling. Choose warm light bulbs such as halogen, avoiding fluorescence because they generate a very cold light.

If the dining room shares space with the living room, separate them by highlighting the wall with color, paper, wood ...

Blue, white, wood, botany sheets and checkered floor ... Annie Schlechtez

often totum revolutum! However, it is the most joyful in this dining room that goes well both in an urban house and in a country house. The ground is a focal point and element that energizes the entire space. It combines with the color of the walls and the skirting board, as well as that of the furniture and accessories. The height of the ceiling and the white paint allows the paintings not to "invade" everything. To break an excess of "pastel" color, the wood tone of some elements has also been introduced, which balances and lightens the environment.

An old lamp, romantic style, adds appeal to this casual dining room.

Styling: Becki Griffini.

Copper and grid

Chairs with grille seats and furniture made of metal - with copper, gold, or silver finish - are the best. Look at the lamps and the armchair of this image! If you also add touches of mint or pistachio and a still life of vases with flowers, like these from Banak Importa, you will rekindle the most boring dining room.

With drawers and zinc plate countertop: the most endearing vintage

If you like eaters with a taste of yesteryear, copy this example. The Sorgues table is made of fiber panels painted with the aging technique and has a zinc-plated metal worktop: it is inspired by the old models of the "grandmother's house", with its drawers on one side. And if you want to give it a more special touch, opt for different seats - it is a very current solution - when decorating these spaces. For example, it combines metal and wood chairs with worn finishes ... De Maisons du Monde.

This type of lamps, height adjustable, are luxurious in retro dining rooms.

Round sets Annie Schlechtez

The furniture of classic lines and noble materials are timeless. Like this set of table and chairs in solid wood. Choose such a set if in your house you are many diners, or if you want a dining room for life. One tip: frame it with a carpet and you will enhance it.

Styling: Anna Molvik.

The tropics on your terrace

Reproduce this colorful atmosphere in the dining room of a glazed terrace and enjoy the space all year. In this example, it has been made with Ikea furniture. Place a light table that can be moved from place or easily disassembled, wicker armchairs - the top of the garden decoration and also interior - dressed with cushions and blankets of cheerful prints. And finally, take advantage of a fun tableware. To create a green environment, a lattice on the wall with climbing plants is enough. A wooden floor will give warmth also in the colder months.

From autoclaved wood, this floor is resistant and beautiful. You can easily install it on top of another.

The most functional elegance

You can have such a beautiful and at the same time practical dining room, as La Redoute proposes. The table is a model with herringbone wooden countertop and metal foot, which gives it stability. The chairs-armchairs upholstered in capitoné pick up the back well and are super comfortable. It is a set that integrates into any style.

Glass lamps and pleated lampshade do not detract from the main furniture.

Long live the 70s!

The revival It is served in this dining room inspired by the house of our grandparents and parents. You will not have any of these pieces to assemble yours? The chairs, in varnished wood, decorated backrest and upholstered seat. The table, with iron foot and marble top, a typical model of the coffee shops of that time. Great!

Do not miss your table: it is a fetish object in the current deco. The crockery by Ikea.

Dare with the mixes Annie Schlechtez

White furniture with accessories and dark auxiliaries. Elizabethan chairs with Gustavian or English-style models ... Everything goes well and looks good if you are looking for a bond! Play with two opposite tones, opt for an old finish, etc.
Styling: Page Mullins.

Natural fiber and hair skins

Four fashion solutions for Nordic dining rooms: light wood table with contrast countertop; chairs of vegetable fibers (rattan, wicker ...); Synthetic skins to cover seats and golden finishes, such as the lamp. From Bloomingville.