The tricks of 'Miris Christmas' for the holidays

The tricks of 'Miris Christmas' for the holidays

Super Christmas
Miri confesses that she loves these holidays: "It's one of my favorite times of the year! Christmas Eve and Christmas I usually celebrate with my family, and the end of the year, with friends. And I'm very detailed: I always have something ready for them."

Your favorite decorative style
The influencer Enjoy preparing the house for Christmas. "I put everything very rustic, with the typical spruce and many lights." In his house a manger is never missing. "When I was little I had a crazy illusion to ride it, and it seems that I'm still the same."

Your basics to decorate the house at Christmas?
"I like to vary and make the decoration like a new dress, which has nothing to do with that of the previous year. Yes, the Christmas stars are never missing!"

A special recipe for the holidays
"I make a roastbeef Very good, macerated 24 hours with spices, wine and virgin olive oil. "And to accompany it, Miri suggests his version of mashed sweet potato:" does not fail! "

Advertising - Keep reading below Miri's tips

Just take a look at your Instagram account, @ mirimchef5, to realize that Miri likes to take care of every detail. And even more, when it comes to Christmas decoration. He has spoken with the finalist of MasterChef 5 - which appears in the image surrounded by luminous garlands and hanging ornaments - to tell us how she lives these dates.

Intimate atmosphere

Dim lighting creates a calm environment. Place led garlands around the architectural elements - doors, windows or fireplace - and add bright spots with interest. Like the still life of the image, formed by a tray with pineapples and stepped candles (€ 3.95 in El Corte Inglés).

Window light

This lantern will project a magical lighting based on lights and shadows (€ 19.95). In the English Court.


It causes smiles with scarves and hats placed on some deco accessories: a vase, a floor lamp ...


Beautify the presentation with a center that enhances the Christmas spirit. If, like Miri, you also like the country chic style, use pineapples in a natural finish.

So delicate

A small detail about the napkin will show your guests that their presence is welcome. The instagramer always does! Like this one, with lavender and cinnamon sticks.

And as a recipe ...

The holiday season offers more than one occasion to gather friends around the table, including Reyes' snack. Visit the account
@ mirimchef5 and discover the dishes of this instagramer to be the best hostess. You just have to choose and follow the recipe.

It's holiday!

And it is worth it to decorate the house. Miri's philosophy? Dress her with details that are trending. Like the cushions Matinee, with fringes (€ 21.95 each). They are from El Corte Inglés.

The star

Is a must have in Miri's Christmas deco. This combines rattan and white string. Star (€ 11.95). In the English Court.

Ornaments and lights

The instagramer likes to decorate the house every year based on fashion trends. This year, the golden and glass ornaments are razed, creating a sophisticated atmosphere, as well as garlands of light to illuminate the house and the tree (from € 11.95). Ornaments (from € 1.95). In the English Court.


Like Miri, prepare a detail for the guests and leave it at the foot of the tree. Get papers that are attractive and colorful ribbons to present them.

With family and friends

On these lines, Miri in a girls meeting, among which is the influencer María Fernández-Rubíes. The Master Chef finalist takes advantage of Christmas to enjoy her family: family and friends.