How to decorate an attic without dying in the attempt (taking advantage of the space)

How to decorate an attic without dying in the attempt (taking advantage of the space)


Penthouses are special and highly demanded homes, but when decorating them they are not so idyllic, since dealing with sloping ceilings is not a simple task for anyone.

Potential buyers of this penthouse located in Gijón, they did not see clearly how to distribute the spaces, and also, they thought that they would have to resort to expensive custom furniture.

For this reason, the construction company of Manuel Esteves contacted Patricia González, from Attico Home Staging, to carry out an interior design project that would undoubtedly make a difference.

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The attic consists of 75 m² built and 54 m² tools, being also the only house on the last floor of the building. It has a living room with open kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom, two balconies overlooking a park, and high quality finishes.

The most important thing to decorate an attic or attic is to take into account the color of the paint on the ceiling and walls, lighting, and distribute the spaces well to take advantage of these "dead zones" without being overwhelming in sight.

In the living room two environments were created: the living area and the dining room.

Related content A sunny penthouse on the beach front ☀️ IvanMg-r IvanMg-r Being so inclined, the walls of the room subtract a lot of light, making this area the darkest in the house. For that reason, it was decided to decorate it with bright and cheerful colors. IvanMg-r The sofa is the model VIMLE from IKEA. In order not to saturate the space and allow light to enter, the last module was chosen as a pouf. In this way, the owners can move it as they please and have a footrest when they need it. Like the yellow velvet armchairs of the firm Ixia, which would fit seamlessly into the headboards of the dining table in case there were six people. IvanMg-r The colorful 200x200 carpet was purchased at IKEA, and the wall space was used to place the furniture under the Denzzo brand TV, next to some IKEA drawers as storage. The side tables are from Maison du Monde. IvanMg-r

The dining room is simple, neutral and practical. The beautiful cotton rug, the wooden table and the imitation leather chairs belong to Ixia.

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Before the interior design project, the rooms did not convey anything. Now, future owners can imagine there. And all thanks to a simple and beautiful decoration that generates a cozy atmosphere and invites to rest.

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