What a change! Before and after for auxiliary furniture

What a change! Before and after for auxiliary furniture

These furniture have changed their image with Chalk Xylazel, a easy to apply chalk paint to which you can give a Aged, natural or ultra matte finish. It is an odorless water paint that does not need a primer and is applicable on multiple surfaces, achieving a surprising finish. Here we see the transformation both in wooden furniture and in a plastic chest. It is available at Leroy Merlin.

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That way they can stay. Combine colors, renew handles and legs, decorate with a vinyl or paint a motif if you're good. Chalk painting is perfect for working on wood but in this gallery it has also been used to renew the image of a plastic chest. Click and discover the finish.

BEFORE: an old dark wood bedside table Afterwards, a fun piece of furniture for bottles and glasses BEFORE: an almost office chifonier A fun yellow chest of drawers

The chest of drawers has been painted directly on the wood. Yellow and applying dark waxes at the end to create an aged effect.

In detail

The golden details are now dark.

BEFORE: resin or plastic chest Next, a toy container and bench

Here also the chalk painting is an ally to transform the image of this chest.

A mat and cushions and you will have a bench BEFORE: an old dresser Then, a casual and modern furniture cabinet

In white, with wooden legs and each drawer of one color.

The benefits of chalk painting

The benefits of chalk painting are already known to almost everyone. Easy application, it is cleaned with water, it does not need primer or practically prepare the surface to be painted and it is finished off with wax. In the image, Chalk Xylazel, chalk painting available in Leroy Merlin with which these projects have been carried out.