A house ... dressed in blue

A house ... dressed in blue

In this newly built house, located in a town near Madrid, the distribution and interior design project, carried out with care by the decorator Rocío Olmo, set the guidelines of its aesthetics: a quiet decoration, full of style and personality. The furniture of current lines alternate with exclusive pieces and design models.
The seal of character is provided by risky color combinations They have been chosen. In the day zone, a intense oil blue captures all the attention and brings serenity and elegance in equal measure. The decorator successfully combined this personal tone with a Blank background with exclusive golden notes and selected leather and wood accessories, which subtract coldness with its texture and hue.
The living room, a very bright room, was divided into two living areas that live in harmony, despite displaying different aesthetics: one with contemporary details in front of the other, more collected and classic, next to the fireplace. Flexibility in distribution was achieved through the use of auxiliary parts.
Rocío Olmo has managed to unify rooms on the first floor through the main color, blue, without renouncing that each of them conserves its own essence. Thus, the mix of styles stands out in the hall. In addition, the play of lines enriches the decoration in a combination of straight lines with more sinuous and rounded ones, present in the floral patterns chosen for textiles and furniture design.
The stripes extend on the walls of the stairs in the first section to merge with more delicate motifs in the distributor that organizes the bedrooms. In this project, full of strength, the spaciousness and luminosity of each environment help to achieve the desired result.

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The daring oil blue reinforces the authority with which the furniture is organized in the living room, distributed in two living areas. One of them offers a more contemporary style - ideal to enjoy audiovisuals - and the second, in perfect counterpoint, with classic touches, which accompany the relaxing moments by the fireplace.
Sofa, designed by the decorator Rocío Olmo and upholstered with a vinyl fabric, from Casamance. Eileen Gray side table, in La Oca. Next to the sofa of capitoné, night table, of Becara, and lamp, of Zara Home.

Retro essence

In this house the decoration is concentrated in careful corners, in which the pieces have been chosen with care. As an example, in the living room, a charming composition: a leather armchair and a tripod lamp, an old cinema spotlight, acquired in an antique market. Armchair by Hanbel. Some pictures on the wall are from House Doctor.

A vintage hall

Selected accessories and blue coverings welcome this house. An old sofa -which was acquired in Passage Privé and restored- articulates the arrangement of the pieces in the hall. Its upholstery, in neutral tone, gives prominence to its contoured lines, which contrast with the stripes painted on the wall. Cushions, from Sanderson, for sale in Gancedo. The blue plates are a design by Rob Ryan. Cage and mirrors, from Zara Home. The shelf on the radiator is the work of the decorator. Carpet, for sale at Urban Outfitters.

Duplications and symmetries preside over a corner of gathering

A leather armchair, a velvet sofa and a pair of poufs live happily in this room, organized around the fireplace. Interior designer Rocío Olmo mixed various details in balance, such as the wooden beams that frame the fireplace, escorted by two golden mirrors. On the wall highlights a very sophisticated geometric paper.
Capitoné sofa, by Maisons du Monde. Cushions by Sanderson. Coffee table, from Antique Boutique. Armchair, by Francisco Segarra. Floor lamp, from Ikea.

Mix of styles

The risky choice of the tone of the wall becomes a success in this space thanks to the natural light and the shades of the furniture. White moderates an environment in which current pieces in steel and glass with vintage designs coexist in harmony. On the bench of the modular composition: golden candlesticks, from Nagel, in Chachi & Chachi. White vases, from Zara Home. Coffee table, for sale in Some People and Me. The wool and silk carpet is from Cotlin.

Plus elegance in decoration

Velvet elevates the atmosphere of the gathering area and gives it a classic, almost stately, very successful and warm air. The discreet golden details (the mirrors, the wall modules, some accessory and the poufs) multiply the sensation without falling into the ostentation. Velvet footstools with tack trim are a decorator design. Mirrors with golden molding, by Hanbel. Ceiling lamp, by Decodelia. The wallpaper is from Designers Guild.

Ladder in two sections

In this project the staircase acquires relevance, converted into another decorative element. The interior designer has turned to the color blue to give continuity. In the lower area, the one that communicates with the entrance, the same two-color striped paint has been maintained; while for the upper section, near the rooms, the wall sports a delicate wallpaper model, by Nina Campbell.

The kitchen

Diaphanous and with a lot of central space. The wood of the floor is extended in the furniture, which combines fronts in wood with others in white. Several industrial-style pendant lamps visually shorten the distance between the floor and the ceiling.

The bedroom, a personal space

In the bedroom, on the headboard wall, the mural suggests an open window towards a black and white forest. In this environment the decoration moves away from devices in search of serenity. Mural, by Amber Lettering. Bedding, from Casa Alvarinho. Bedside tables and lamps, by Kartell.


An opposite effect to the serenity of the bedroom is what has been sought in one of the bathrooms, where the red color impacts with its intensity.

Plane and ideas

The keys of style
- The oak wood flooring, identical throughout the house, provides warmth. This base also gives value to the rest of the colors.
- It is precisely the wall, ceiling and floor coverings that create a clear support to create a fresh style.
- The combination of textiles is an extra comfort and tempers all environments.
- In this project, larger furniture has a high decorative value and the distribution is made more flexible through several auxiliary pieces such as tables, night tables and poufs.