Beach style decoration. Get a cool beach deco

Beach style decoration. Get a cool beach deco

- To give a more air trendy and exotic to the decoration, The details are key. Use accessories such as surfboards and sailboats in mini version, dinnerware with evocative prints, ropes with sailor's knots, even fishing nets. The final touch for a beach party look, paper ornaments hanging from the ceiling with a mix of colors.
- To refresh the environment, the jungle motifs are unique. The lush vegetation triumphs, with real flowers and plants, but also printed on textiles or papers. The revelation of the season: braided plastic carpets, suitable for outdoor use.
- Decorating with animal figures is a trend. First they were hunting trophies, but now they are species of all kinds: birds, fish, reptiles, mammals, insects ... And not only on the walls, they are also present on furniture and floor, to provide color and much carelessness.

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In this corner there is nothing to fear. It is a relaxing environment to enjoy free time.
The head of the shark that observes us hangs as a trophy; is from The Labyrinth (€ 180).
Armchair (€ 590 / two) and table (€ 190) of IKB 191; both are of bamboo, of French origin, forties. Cushion, from Los Peñotes. Fish (€ 39.95 each); artificial flowers (€ 26.95 each) and bucket
zinc (€ 23.95); everything from A Loja do Gato Preto. Pink paper ornaments model Visionär,
of Ikea (€ 3.99 and € 9.99).

Happy hour

The most famous of the hours is an infallible claim in any place ... Recreate that look 2x1 with bar furniture with summer air decorated with flowers. You will see how the corner acquires a beach air. Here it was made in the cane bar, of IKB 191 (€ 585). Stool, Living Retro. Cocktail shakers, from El 8. Luminous poster with a hand shape (€ 100 in El Laberinto). Carpet by Leroy Merlin.

The good life

Did you know that hammocks were called the "cradles of the gods"? Because of their soft sway, they are very coveted in summer to enjoy naps and moments of peace. To evoke the waters of exotic paradises, the hammock is perfect Quito, from Bauhaus, in turquoise cotton (€ 34.90). Cushions, from Zara Home. Artificial flowers, from A Loja do Gato Preto. Vase, from The Labyrinth. Printed carpet, plastic, Los Peñotes.

Top designs

The beach foodies, design lovers, also look forward to being in a cool beach-style environment. Spectacular, the chair (€ 529) of Los Peñotes and paper Sunbird, with lush vegetation, by designer Matthew Williamson for Osborne & Little (€ 106 / roll). Complete the decoration a detail trendy, the backlit poster, by Polonium 209 (€ 140). Bamboo, from Ikea.

In the shadow

Protecting yourself from the sun under a palm tree or a tree is not always possible, but it is easy to create a cool area with hurdles, like these, from Leroy Merlin; or with shade candles with cheerful fabrics. See how it's done in / diy-crafts / fabric-parasol

Multicolor tables

Dare with a presentation where chromatism is the protagonist. Find inspiration in trays full of tropical fruits. Mix vitamin colors: orange, green and yellow. Prepare to chop fruit skewers and give a fresh air to drinks with straws decorated with paper minifruits, how are you, Tiger. Plasticized tablecloths, from Zara Home
(€ 39.99 each). In the background, Caracas panoramic paper, by Caselio; It measures 4.50 x 2.0 m (€ 246.40). Tiki, from The Labyrinth.

Beach background for selfie

Palm trees, surfboards, fine sand ... you can have all that and more with a paper or a mural to decorate walls. There are many designs with those prints! From photos of exotic beaches to illustrations like this mural Valley Isle, of Coordonné. Parrot to hang from the ceiling, of The Labyrinth.

Feeling of freshness

Not all sun, not all shade. Ideally, there are areas to take refuge in the hottest hours. For the unconditional of the star king, it will be necessary to leave some sunny corner. Armchairs: black, by Ikea; with high back and horizontal stripes, from IKB 191; and Emmanuelle style, from Living Retro. Cushion, from Zara Home. Natural hurdle blinds (€ 22.90 / roll at Leroy Merlin). Wooden table, tablecloth (€ 63.75) and plants, Los Peñotes.

Evocative mix

Rustic wooden stairs, which provide the environment with an air shabby (€ 39.45 each in Los Peñotes), serve as a coat rack. On the wall, coat rack, painting and flamenco, by El Laberinto. Towels, of Rituals in the colors of the limited edition of summer 2015. On these lines, cups (€ 2.50 each) and plates (€ 3.95 each), in A Loja do Gato Preto.


In an environment that evokes the sea, the mixture of blues with contrasting white is a must. They are the dominant colors in a nautical decoration.