Ideas to put order in the bathroom

Ideas to put order in the bathroom

Putting order in the bathroom is as simple as taking into account some simple tricks. The organization will be perfect.

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If you dress in the bathroom, why don't you keep the necklaces in it? So that they do not get tangled, place them on a hanger with hangers. You can fix it with suction cups, so as not to pierce the wall.

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Library Coco mat

That tall and narrow corner that does not seem useful can be used with an elongated bookcase. Use the shelves to place the towels, yes, folded with a certain grace.

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With a piece of furniture

It is an excellent option when space is available. If the installation of the washbasin prevents placing a piece of furniture underneath, it can be replaced by a bookcase, such as this one by Ikea, with toiletries arranged inside baskets.

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Sometimes there is so little space between the toilets that there is no place to put a towel rail. The problem is solved with a shelf, like this one, that includes hangers, hung at a sufficient height.

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Wall coat rack

So that the clothes you are going to wear do not crumple while you shower, fix a bar on the wall. So you can hang on it all the clothes on their hangers, as they are stored in the closet.

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The bathroom is usually so small that it is a real feat to assign a place to towels, gel jars, cosmetics and medicines. It is necessary to look for storage places in areas that do not reduce space for toilets. The wall, in its highest areas, or the bathtub, opens up a whole range of possibilities to create vertical organization systems.

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