6 recipes to prepare on the barbecue and look like a real chef

6 recipes to prepare on the barbecue and look like a real chef


You have guests at home and you get into the kitchen with this heat! It is not the most desirable option. Have you thought about a barbecue? There is no summer food worth its salt, without this helpful method of preparation. Don't look for excuses, because
on any balcony, terrace or even in an interior, with sufficient aeration, you can locate an electric barbecue and enjoy these succulent grilled dishes.

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If it is the first time you face a barbecue, it is best to choose an electric model (you will not have problems with coal or complaints from neighbors) are small and adapt well to a balcony or terrace without compromising the space too much available. Preferably, look for a barbecue with cast aluminum bowl (weighs less and you can change it at will), with enamelled cast steel grill, removable parts (easier to clean) and, of course, with a lid, which enhances the flavors and prevents splashing.

They are designed for an urban audience, like you, with little time and space, with which you just have to plug, grill and go. One option that can fit on your terrace is the Weber Pulse range.

Technology at your service Weber

As expected, innovation has also reached these kitchen appliances and you can now find smart barbecues, which help you to cook. Like Weber's iGrill Pulse technology, which through an app sends a notification to your smartphone when the barbecue reaches the right temperature for cooking or sends you an alert when cooking is finished, so that everything is to your liking. As you can see, controlling that thick meats do not burn or remain undone inside, it will not be a problem if your barbecue has the latest advances in applied technology (Weber barbecues indicate the temperature on a front display so you always know if you are achieving the perfect cooking).

Wake up the imagination Weber

Now you just have to enjoy your barbecue. But do not limit yourself to the usual, you can prepare grilled any food that needs to be cooked, both those of simple elaboration (some ears of corn) and the most sophisticated (yes, a roast chicken, too). Without forgetting the vegetables, which are a very tasty option as an appetizer, as a main dish or as a garnish for meats, fish ... If you prepare chopped vegetables, roast them on aluminum foil or in a specific tray, so that they are not lost on the grill.

A barbecue classic

To start off on the right foot, dare with a pork chop (or beef steak) accompanied by mushrooms and roasted potatoes (does not require more than 20 minutes of attention).

Roast the wedges and whole mushrooms first, remove these when they are golden brown and leave the potatoes, while the meat is made. Paint the cutlet with a pinch of olive oil, spend a minute and a half on each side and give it several turns until it is to the point you like.

Serve with a cheese sheet on top and with a sprout salad. It will look great on you.

From the grilled sea

Prawns, prawns, prawns and other fruits of our seas are delicious grilled and made in just a few minutes. Prepare them in portions of six so you can serve them on the barbecue as they deserve. When they change the color, you can remove them from the grill. Add the salt when they are on the plate and sprinkle them with a few drops of lemon before serving.

BBQ Quesadillas

If you have enough time, you can prepare at home the base of this typical Mexican dish (wheat or corn pancakes), although in any supermarket you can find them already formed. For the filling you need: corn, pepper of different colors diced, tomato, diced chicken, chopped onion and sliced ​​cheddar cheese. Fill them to taste as a cake or shaped like a pie. To close them, spread the edges with a pinch of beaten egg.

Once prepared, before putting them on the grill, spray the cake with a mist of water. In three minutes they will be ready.

Pork ribs

Very easy to prepare, even for those who rarely approach the kitchen. You need about 250 g of meat per person and have different types of sauces to add later. Paint the piece of meat with a pinch of olive oil so that in the first moments, it does not stick to the grill. When the meat loses its original color, add fine aromatic herbs (rosemary, fennel, basil ...) and salt.

A very tasty option is to add to the meat, half-cooked, a sauce based on honey and lemon.

Lemon Chicken Skewer

As easy as chopping chicken meat, assembling the skewer and putting it on the barbecue. But, to make it perfect, we tell you a couple of tricks. Wet the chopsticks before pricking the chicken, so you avoid burning with the coals and the meat glides better. Sandwich chicken and vegetables (type pepper, tomato, onion ...), with the heat they release juices and thus the meat does not dry out. Turn the chopsticks several times and on the last, add a dash of natural lemon and salt to the skewer.

Roasted dorado

You need a clean gilthead, per person. Prepare cherry tomatoes, onion and diced potatoes. Make foil packages with potatoes and vegetables and others with fish, separately. To each packet of fish, add a pinch of white wine and lemon. Put them on the barbecue and in 10 minutes they will be ready to drink.

You will find more recipes, simple to make and very tasty, in the Weber app and in the Weber-ID