Chic Recycling: Give your old ornaments another life

Chic Recycling: Give your old ornaments another life


Recover yesterday's pieces to decorate. There may be objects that are no longer useful, but they do have charme. Chests and antique chests, for example, are unique to evoke trips and adventures. They may no longer be prepared to travel more kilometers, but to decorate the room and store blankets; or the bedroom and dressing room, to store clothes and shoes from another season ...

Upcycling It means transforming an object without use or destined to be a residue in another with value. For example, the tire that turns into a swing for the garden, the door that is used as a tabletop, the can of cans that becomes a vase, even the jar of jam that transforms into a lamp.

Advertising - Keep reading below Happy memories

We all associate certain objects with lived experiences. Rescue a vintage piece that has sentimental value! Decorate with her a corner of the house that you see frequently. Crossing with her every day will lift your spirits. Search the sideboard for a piece of pottery and you will see how with flowers it will look spectacular. If you don't have any, look at stores like Rue Vintage 74 and Vintage & Chic.

Give yourself a seamstress ...

Without fear! Ceramics and porcelain have multiple uses. From bowl to vintage & chic seamstress there is only one step. Organize the reels, thimbles, ribbons ... in a pair of printed bowls. It can be done with most ceramics and porcelain; excludes only delicate. Do you have a set of bowls that are missing pieces? Buy several similar smoothies and decorate them to complete it. If the motif is searched, draw a simpler one, such as circles, stripes or letters in harmonic tones. It is very easy with markers for porcelain and ceramics, such as brush edders.

Recycling is trendy

The secret to beautifying a vintage jug ... is called transfer! It is a decorative and surprisingly easy technique to transfer images to all types of surfaces ... On the web Wonderful Hands you will find the key product: Kreul Photo Transfer Potch varnish. In this proposal, the natural wear of the piece and the flowers squander charm. Raising the jar on a pedestal was also a success. For the transfer, photo prints and copies of laser printers, newspaper articles and magazine images are used ... Imagine how many obsolete pieces you can recycle to give a new air to the decoration. To start, search and download, for example, Image transfer flowers in Google Images.

Crafts Workshop

If you have a creative hobby to which you dedicate hours and hours… you need now! A suitable space at home. Add an extra dose of recycled materials to your creativity and your designs will be eco-friendly. Fantastic this idea: a sewing corner, or crafts, with a dresser with its decorated drawers, and on the wall, an idea board or mood board with clippings of old magazines. Similar chest of drawers, in Maisons du Monde.

The inspiration

Your passion is to visit the deco markets? Do you usually find vintage treasures? So, you are also recycling ... Look for ideas to arrange the pieces in style in / ideas-decoration / how-to-organize-the tableware and separate some to make the most of your beauty on each occasion.
Do you have yellow flowers? Choose the bowl that most harmonizes ... as was done here. The flowers will not move, if you put a mini glass container and knot the bouquet. In the online shop María Lunarillos, you will find printed bowls as ideal as these.

Recover and beautify

Recreate the simplicity of the kitchens of other times with vintage utensils and a wooden box to transport wine. In this country-inspired proposal, the box creates an additional height, but it can also be used to group the most used foods in it: legumes, pasta, teas and even eggs; Of course, in charming bowls. Ask in greengrocers and warehouses for their wooden boxes or purchase them on Etsy and Ebay. Recycle wine boxes based on your measurements. The large ones are practical for storing board games, magazines, books or as a pot or bed for your pet, if you remove some planks and put a cushion. The small ones, for cosmetics and as pencils. Before it is recommended to sand, round edges and varnish.