15 hanging pots perfect for indoor plants

15 hanging pots perfect for indoor plants


We know that the addiction to plants It is mutual, and that is They are the most natural, beautiful and simple way to fill any corner of life. Sizes, styles, colors ... You have a thousand options to choose from, but When it comes to buying a pot, why not be original and dare with something different? Today we show you 15 examples of hanging pots Among which (sure) is your favorite. Let's go there!

Advertising - Read on below The triangular structure surrounding the pot is ideal for a modern-style table Capra Designs The stand of this pot will fill any corner of the room with magic Capra Designs Dare to decorate the dining room table with several plants of different sizes, and join the jungle effect!

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The same structure in two different colors, an ideal mix to play with contrasts

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If you want to create a warm atmosphere, choose a hanging terracotta pots in nude color

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The aged prints look great with elements of rustic-chic aesthetics

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Wicker is a classic that never fails. Combine pot and plant sizes and see your natural work of art!

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The air plants look great in these glass hanging pots

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Have you seen what a beautiful and original way to decorate a coat rack?

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A fern plant will add a lot of presence to that corner that was previously empty

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Pink and beige, two very sweet colors for a hanging pot that instantly falls in love

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If you prefer a more exotic style, you will love this model

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And if you want a 100% natural pot with industrial aesthetics, take note of this!

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The golden circular structure has an irresistible glam dot

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See what a cool and simple way to hang your pots!

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