Discover the keys to decorate terraces, porches and gardens well

Discover the keys to decorate terraces, porches and gardens well

It is time to enjoy on balconies, patios, terraces, porches and gardens. To consider them an environment of the house and decorate them with the same care that was dedicated to the interior is key; In addition, having some clear ideas will help to achieve a more welcoming space. In all cases, you have to take into account the orientation and incidence of the sun and install the system that best protects the space from the sun: pergola, awning, umbrella, shade candles and, of course, vegetation.

In very hot areas, more and more microclimate are installed fogging systems which, with minimal water consumption, cools but does not wet. And in spaces with strong wind, it will be necessary to moderate it with windproof fences, which in addition to being effective are decorative. Privacy is another factor to consider: lattices, green walls and again, awnings and pergolas with blinds or curtains, guarantee it. The material durability outodoors is required sine qua non to avoid a new investment in the short or medium term.

The optimal lighting, capable of creating spectacular atmospheres in any space, it is one of the aspects to take into account outdoors. Each space requires a previous study; but it will be successful if an enhancement illumination is conjugated, that which converts an element, such as a tree or a plant wall, into a focal point and an indirect one, that delimits environments. The combination of both creates a Placid atmosphere in summer nights. Finally, in all outdoor projects, vegetation and irrigation are essential items. The vision and experience provided by an accredited professional in each design outdoors It is a guarantee of success. A good starting point, the consultation to the Web of the Spanish Landscape Association

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A pergola protects this dining room of a Mallorcan house from the sun. With metal structure and canopy cover, harmonizes with the armchairs, by Leroy Merlin. To highlight, the sense of order that the garden transmits, with the grass framed by the flooring in the transit areas. Architect, Bernardo Oliver Jaume.

Ode to relax

Rest and disconnect in a horizontal position ... The swinging of the hammocks is perfect for the nap or pleasure of the dolce far niente. If possible, choose a shadowed place. More information about hammock types, their installation and sale in
In the photo, garden of the Hotel Les Hamaques, Girona.

In & out

Outdoor sofas resemble indoor sofas, but their materials adapt to weather resistance. Sofas Landscape Alu, from Andreu World, in aluminum, with Sunbrella upholstery, suitable for outdoor use.

Vintage fever, also in outdoor spaces

Decorating the exterior with retro furniture is fashionable. On this porch a bed and two armchairs were recovered to create a seating area, which acquires a more casual air
with a message on the wall also trend! The outstanding interior design, signed by Leticia Martínez, is enriched with accessories from the store on line Trendmyhome White and mirror bases, by Anmoder. On them, giant tibia and pineapples, from El Ocho. Kílim, from The Rug Company.

Decorative borders design with gravel!

Any corner of the garden will be a focal point with a composition like this ... Gravel (€ 3.95) and round edge (€ 5.80) in 20 kg bags, in Bauhaus.

Watering with gun

With its fine stream, it is ideal for watering pots and concrete areas. Model Classic, Gardena, with continuously adjustable flow (€ 9.95 in AKÍ).

A navy air to renew the decoration

Change the cushions and surprise yourself ... Blue sweeps this season. Cushion Lattice, of Privium (€ 15.99 in El Corte Inglés).

It is pot and lamp at the same time

Create a more suggestive atmosphere with pots that light up. Model Flower, with LED, 39 cm in diameter and 36 cm high (€ 49.95 each at Home).

Ambient light

Your space green It is also enjoyed at night, provided it is well lit. The foot lamp Brigit, A proposal of the Arkoslight firm, is waterproof and has a silicone switch. There is a version with LED, which reproduces a wide range of colors. Spectacular!

New collections and season premieres

Every season there are many novelties to renew the exteriors. In this project, from Greendesign, the pavement with extra-long slats looks like natural wood, but does not need maintenance and is done in several colors (from € 74 / m2). The white planter, next to the sofa, is from Vondom for Greendesign (from € 150).

A pinch of color

Yes to the vibrant chromaticism to decorate exteriors. Bank Coquelicot, in painted acacia wood (€ 149.90). From Maisons du Monde.

Festive air

Showy details like lanterns, pennants, pom poms, garlands ... transform any garden into a party. Dare to make them or buy them in specialized stores. Look for ideas for celebrations and theme parties in the Web from Loungers Bistro, from the firm Fermob (€ 350 each).

With perspective

Decorate the pool environment to create a unique environment. Here, on the side of the pool, the one closest to the wall, bamboos were planted in a work planter covered with white boulders and a row of torches. They are delimited with the wooden platform of ipe that borders the pool.

Design pots for your plants

In snow white, they are polyethylene resin pots. With or without lighting, the collection Blow, Vondom, is made in different sizes and colors (from € 85 approx.).

If you are going to reform ...

In houses with solera, maintaining the original identity of the construction is key, but not always possible, especially in soils. It is necessary to look for materials with identical appearance. Porcelain Vintage, Rosa Gres, non-slip, stands out for its realism (from € 30.88 / m2).