Tips and tricks to save on purchases back to school

Tips and tricks to save on purchases back to school

The beginning of the course involves a large outlay of money, but it is possible to lighten it if you put into practice some small tricks.

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September marks the return to school for many families and a delicate moment for the domestic economy. Uniforms, school supplies, route ... are many expenses to face. The best way to save is with a good organization.

Before buying, look what clothes, book, material, etc., can be worth other years. With a list, go with in advance and compare prices with peace of mind; depending on the point of sale, you can save up to 25% according to the OCU.


School supplies. Before buying, check out what is at home from previous years and take advantage of it. And of what you finally have to acquire, compare prices between various establishments and websites. Nor is it necessary to have everything at the beginning of the course, as the quarters go by, from school or the child, they will tell you all the real needs.

Clothing. Do not rush and buy all at once, children grow a lot during the course and break the clothes easily. Extend the life of the dress by cutting pants that have become small and sewing knee and elbow pads to cover holes. In the case of uniforms, you can buy one size more than what you usually wear to last all year.

Transport. If you can not walk to school, agree with other parents to take turns taking the children in private cars, you will earn time and money. This school material is from Søstrene Grene.

Extracurricular activities

If your children want sign up for football, dance, music ... After school hours, compare different options. The City halls they usually have cultural and sports programs whose costs are much lower than those offered by cabbages or other facilities.

Exchange and reuse

Find out about the help that many communities give for the purchase or rental of books. Also the parent associations They have loan programs in school. Whenever possible, use books secondhand of brothers and acquaintances or visit websites dedicated to the exchange or sale such as, Book Bag or Donak.