Before and after: an old apartment renovated with love

Before and after: an old apartment renovated with love

If we asked the people of Madrid (of origin or adoption) which is the most traditional square in the capital, many of their answers would repeat a name: Cascorro. In this crossroads of La Latina, one of the main centers of El Rastro and place of pilgrimage for lovers of night terraces in summer, we find an attic of 85 square meters to which a comprehensive reform has been made with many winks to his past. This house, with such a privileged location and a terrace of 24 square meters from which you can see La Almudena, the Royal Theater and the Madrid mountains, had remained uninhabited for several years due to an inheritance until the marriage formed by Steve and Kika bought it and bet on it.

Although they started from a good base, an update of the floor was more than necessary since the last important one had been carried out more than a century ago and 50 years ago very superficial changes were made. First, they insulated the roof, the terrace floor and the walls to end the infiltration of water and better preserve the temperature regulated by the new radiant floor. The distribution underwent a revolution, orchestrated by designer David Infante, taking the kitchen and dining room to the terrace and opening large gaps to the living room to let the light reach this space until then without natural light. Windows and wooden doors They were able to rescue were restored, changing the crystals for more effective ones. The hydraulic floors were removed and cleaned well to create decorative carpets in the living room and bathrooms. The rest of the floors were covered with a zigzag tile and rustic style that perfectly matches the wooden beams in sight of the ceilings.

From the collaboration with the carpenter Rafa Roncero, from Villarrubia de los Ojos, pieces of wood recovered from demolition doors have been born, such as the basement that crosses the walls, the table and the bench of the dining room, the kitchen cupboard or the kitchen table. the terrace that can become a sunbed. Custom furniture has been combined with others vintage or industrial style found in Decodelia, Modernario, casa soria, Caña y mud, Mandalay or the neighboring Singular Market store. Although if there is a piece that the owners stand out is the window made by the artisan based in Edinburgh David Mola, that lets the light in the room reach the living room maintaining the privacy between both spaces. "It is a tribute to the area where the house is located, in which clothes have traditionally been sold, and to the former owner of the floor, by embroidery profession. Its colors and pattern represent the warp of a fabric," explains Steve and he adds "maybe he also reminds me of a tartan, being a Scotsman, it's cool."

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This 84 square meter penthouse with terrace located in the Cascorro square in Madrid has been completely renovated with many touches of its past.


Between the living room and one of the bedrooms, a window made by David Mola was opened to let the light pass. Its pattern and colors resemble a fabric, a tribute to the former owner who was an embroiderer.

The living room

The coffee tables were made with recycled mirrors, the lamps are from Modernario, the sofa and the armchair of Mandalay and the trunk is from the Caña y mud store.

Last in sight

The wooden ceiling beams were discovered and the living room floor was restored.

Light step

The door was removed between the kitchen-dining room and the living room, allowing natural light to strain.

New floor

In the areas where the tiles could not be rescued, a new rustic-style zigzag floor was installed.

Radical change

The distribution was completely modified, installing the kitchen where there used to be a bedroom.

Knock on wood

The kitchen was chosen in a wood with natural finish.

Earth colors

The colors connect with the original wood and also with the color of the rooftops of Madrid seen from the windows.

New storage

Carpenter Rafa Roncero created, among other pieces, a cupboard for the kitchen.

Very equipped Dinning room

The partition that separated two bedrooms was demolished to create this area that the kitchen and dining room share.

Dining room view Custom

The table and the bench are the work of carpenter Rafa Roncero with wood rescued from old doors.

Industrial touch

The chairs are from the Singular Market store.


The apartment previously had three bedrooms, but one was dispensed with to have a better layout and a dressing room.


Each bedroom has an en suite bathroom.

Look down

The bathroom floor is recovered from the original house.

Second bedroom

In the same style as the rest of the house.

Butterfly effect

The BKF chair is from the cane and mud shop.

Second bathroom Good pattern

Herringbone tiles provide movement.

Perfect for the shower

The hydraulic floor is non-slip, so it was perfect to serve as a shower floor.


A construction bench was built to have an outdoor dining area.

Two in one

Carpenter Rafa Roncero devised this board that can serve as a table with two supports ...


Or like a sunbed without them.

Madrid at your feet

From the attic you can see some of the most emblematic buildings in Madrid.

Bird's eye view

The attic from the building opposite.

The floor before Before Lounge before The entrance before

The entrance hall was removed to extend the hall

The kitchen before The dining room before The bathroom before Before the reform During the reform On foot All clear Let's do it The terrace before The plan after the reform The plan before the reform