Garden with pool and dining room

Garden with pool and dining room

An outdoor seating area in the shade of a tree and surrounded by greenery. A trick bank (hides inside a storage space, to store garden and pool equipment) and an attached dining room. In the background, a small pool, but enough to play and cool off. Do you want to see how we have planned and decorated the garden of the house? It belongs to an old three-storey house, from the 50s and completely renovated.

A climbing jasmine runs along the perimeter of the terrace, surrounded in turn by custom planters, because this also guarantees visual intimacy, as well as shade. For the floor, an outdoor wooden flooring has been chosen, perfect for this use. The dining room, designed for several guests, ensures an extra shade area with an extended arm umbrella that goes to the wall: people's feet have never been so safe!

The pool, where hanging plants have been chosen to achieve a vertical garden is protected with a security fence, essential in the case of a home with children. On this occasion we have opted for an extensible system that fits in a hole in the ground and with safety lock.

20th Century Fox And in this house you will find: 3 floors and garden in the city