Enjoy this great family duplex decorated in mint and coral

Enjoy this great family duplex decorated in mint and coral


Located in the Biscayan town of Barrika, this two-storey terraced house, with a semi-underground basement and garden, has been completely transformed to modify its original distribution. Its owners, a young couple, demanded ample space and lots of light, something that the house originally did not have because it was very compartmentalized. Andrea Diego and Vanesa Vergara, from IN56 Interiorismo, were in charge of responding to their needs.

The main objective of the reform was to achieve large open spaces where the light chimes freely, hence the entire facade of the house is glazed. In the basement, initially enabled only as a storage room, a kitchen, living room with study table and laundry area were arranged. The ground floor, at street level, was designed clear, barrier free, so that the exterior and interior merge into a single environment thanks to the glazed doors that connect the pleasant terrace with the garden and the living room. In it there is enough space to have a chill out area and a dining table where life really comes to life when time permits. The interior living room now coexists with a small toilet, hidden behind a wooden slat structure, and with the kitchen, previously partitioned, and that with the new distribution has gained an office area and an island that separates each of the environments.

Comfortable stairs with wide and low steps lead to the first floor. The three small bedrooms in it were reduced to one; In this way, the new room now has a dressing room, an integrated bathroom and a large terrace. And what happens if in the future the family increases? Nothing is easier than lifting a wall of Pladur to create a new room. The bed, centered, has a paneling from floor to ceiling, as a headboard.

On both sides two swing doors have been placed that, closed, blend in with paneling. These communicate with the dressing room, a small hallway just behind the headboard that leads to the bathroom. In the furniture, functional and design, pieces stand out as they give a personal touch, such as the shelf in the living room and the headboard of the bedroom. The warm materials used, such as wood, achieve a very cozy home.

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To furnish the living room, an L-shaped sofa with a chaise longue, both in raw color, has been chosen. The traditional coffee table was replaced by two metal tables of Nordic design. The reupholstered old armchair closes the seating area. Sofa, from Sancal. Cushions and plaid, by Gancedo. Coffee tables, from Kendo Furniture. Candles, for sale at Zara Home.

Outdoor dining JAIME FERRER

A generous glazed enclosure is the best option to integrate interior and exterior in the same space. Thanks to him, what was being pursued has been achieved: having a greater visual amplitude and multiplying the natural light that enters through the terrace.

On the large terrace a space has been reserved for an outdoor dining room. Two crossed paths and an XL center with showy long-stemmed flowers in coral color, matching the tablecloths, have been arranged on the table. Polypropylene chairs with a backrest complete it. Furniture, by Vondom.

The terrace communicates with the interior of the house thanks to sliding doors that, by remaining open, make the exterior integrate perfectly. A central fixed glass allows you to enjoy the views even when you are inside. In front of the dining room there was a white chill out area with a sofa and a low table.

Different plants have been placed next to the small room that make this area a delicious garden. Next, a railing was placed halfway up from which you can see the garden through which the house is accessed. And to avoid prying eyes and protect privacy, a metal fence has been placed.

Coral and mint JAIME FERRER

To energize the neutral tones that star in the living room and the black of the kitchen, textiles and accessories have been chosen in bright colors, as can be seen in the upholstery of the armchair, the sofa cushions or the pots and the candles on the table. Cushion in armchair, by Gancedo.

The American kitchen was located at the bottom of the floor, next to the living area. On the left is flanked by a glazed enclosure that overlooks a patio of lights. Although this space can be used as a clothesline, its main objective is to provide clarity and ventilation to the kitchen area. Inside, an exotic plant of size XL has been placed that is guessed through the opaque glass.

The kitchen occupies an entire front of the wall. It has opted for furniture in natural wood and black that provides visual depth. In front of the sink a rectangular island has been arranged followed by an office, together they act as a separating element of the living room. A functional ceiling hood has been installed on the cooking zone on the island. The kitchen furniture is a design of IN56 Interiorismo.

Next to the front of kitchen cabinets, on the right, a decorative panel composed of wooden slats with LED strips on the top was installed. This successful aesthetic solution is actually used to hide what is behind it: a small toilet. Next, there is a generous bookcase designed in black and wood, to match the rest of the furniture in this space.

Double entry JAIME FERRER

From this perspective you can see the double access to the terrace on both sides of the living room, either through a sliding door or through a swing. In the center is the fixed glass. It should be noted the permanent presence of plants, both outside and inside, such as the exotic species that can be seen in the background or those on the table.

Next to the sofa there is a vintage armchair upholstered in patterned fabric with green motifs and stud rivets on the arms. From it you can see the terrace in the first place and the exterior landscape in the background. Delightful!

Armchair, by Gancedo. Plants and sherds, from Lur Bilbao. Carpet, from KP.

Shelving, custom JAIME FERRER

Perpendicular to the kitchen was placed a bookcase that follows the same design pattern: black cabinets and drawers, without handles and shelves with natural wood bottom. As a curiosity, the shelf is topped by a structure of wooden slats similar to the one hidden by the toilet, which gives continuity to the space. The library is a custom design made by the IN56 Interiorismo studio.

Small dining room JAIME FERRER

Attached to the island, a solid wooden table for four people was placed surrounded by black lacquered chairs, matching the kitchen furniture, which stores utensils, food and household appliances. Highlight the absence of door handles. On the right the ovens, in sight and in column. Chairs, by Andreu World. Crockery, individual and tea towels, from Zara Home.

Lamps, in pairs JAIME FERRER

The construction company gave them a choice between a ceramic floor or a laminate floor, but neither of them convinced the owners. Advised by the interior design studio, they chose a hardwood floor, a parquet that is stable over time and non-deformable for life.

To illuminate the kitchen, we opted for recessed spotlights on the ceiling that allow working without problem in the sink area. For the office table, more direct lighting was chosen, which would affect the entire surface. Two design lamps were chosen, with tubular screens and surrounded by a metal structure, which become a focus of attention. Lamps, Tao lighting.

A lightweight design JAIME FERRER

To access the upper floor, a functional and aesthetic staircase was chosen. Its semi-circular design, with low and wide steps and glazed railing, visually lightens the space. The oak wood steps have been dyed the same color as the parquet floor to provide continuity throughout the area. Parquet made with wood from the forests of the French Burgundy, from the firm Listone Giordano.

Open to a large terrace JAIME FERRER

The bedroom with dressing room and integrated bathroom was distributed on the upper floor. In it, the bed was placed in front of the terrace, to see the landscape as soon as you woke up. A built-in closet occupies an entire side. Quadrants in eggplant and cushions, by Gancedo. Duvet cover and quilts in coral and mint, from Zara Home.

Original headboard JAIME FERRER

The star piece of the bedroom is the unique design of the headboard: an oak paneling with geometric shapes that runs from floor to ceiling. Two tubular lamps hang from the ceiling on both sides. On its back is the dressing room. Headboard designed by IN56 Interior. Lamps, by Tao Lighting. Carpet by KP.

Tables blown JAIME FERRER

On both sides of the double bed were placed a bedside tables flown type cube, which allow small bucaros with flowers or photo frames to be placed on the surface while keeping books, glasses, creams inside ... Bedside tables, from Kroma for the IN56 Interiorismo studio. Flores, by Lur Bilbao

Bathroom with shower and bathtub JAIME FERRER

Behind the headboard of the bed is the dressing room and a door through which the bathroom is accessed. This, without windows, has a shower and a round bathtub in the background. On the sinks, a square mirror has been illuminated by two sconces on each side and two spotlights on the ceiling. Sanitary, of Roca. Towels, from Zara Home.

Exempt toilets JAIME FERRER

Next to the bathtub was the toilet and then a piece of furniture that houses the two exempt toilets. The entire bathroom was covered with a porcelain design. Coatings, from Roca.

First floor JAIME FERRER Ground floor JAIME FERRER