Wall coverings: Skin change

Wall coverings: Skin change

If the smooth walls tire you, decorate them with moldings, cornices, rosettes, columns, pilasters ... The catalog of the firm Orac Decor - which you can download on its website - is full of inspiring ideas to customize walls and ceilings. In addition, all their designs are ready to paint.

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The moldings are classic ornamental elements, but they are also spectacular in modern interiors. Decorating the walls with plaster panels, which evoke other times, is a plus of sophistication.
To get this blue, you can use the soft turquoise Caribbean plastic paint, from the Colors of the World collection, by Bruguer (€ 48.85 / 4 l). Twiggy floor lamp, from Foscarini.

Abstract art on the wall

Fascinating. The wall decoration turned into a work of art. And how? With a succession of canvases on frame in two formats. The interrogation in red and the shadows cast by each canvas are also part of this artistic work. Compositions like this are also shown, and admired, in galleries and fairs. Pure vanguard on your walls!
You will find racks in stores of Fine Arts and crafts

Walls with optical effect

So realistic is this paper that the wall seems tiled ... The designs that faithfully reproduce tile, slate, brick, concrete and wood, among other coatings, are amazing. In a baseboard or one of the walls, these papers change the atmosphere of the environment completely. Ideas?
Brick for an air loft factory and urban. Wood planks, for a country style… Enter the NLXL website and you will see

Walls decorated with a sense of humor

What do that dish and the walls decorated with a sense of humor do next to the lintel of the door? Well, the same as the vertical white stripe ... In addition to giving you a reason to smile, they make the office a more familiar and informal environment. You can create a stencil template and make the line with masking tape. If you prefer, Todo-Stencil has many models of stencils for stenciling and also custom designs made to order.
You will find the Sunny 619 red chair (€ 102) and others of current design, in Loftchair. Artisan multifunction robot from KitchenAid.

Relief effect

With wallpaper you can create any optical effect. Relief and texture that do not exist, but with real appearance. Without hesitation, this wall is lined with moldings placed vertically. It is easy to fool the eye with an image so true to the original object. It is necessary to touch it to realize that it is an image, and that the wall is flat

Reasons in three dimensions

These capricious forms give the dining room a more exclusive air. It is a total white wall, which evokes an animal print, and which has been made by cutting polystyrene foam.
If you like the 3D effect, there are several panel designs on the website. Chairs: with mesh, Eames Wire Chair, by Vitra (€ 610), and in gloss white, Poly, by Bonaldo (€ 249.26 in Loftchair). Bety lamp, by Arturo Álvarez, in Oliva Iluminación.

XXL murals

Open your house outside with a mural of a landscape that you like; It can cover a wall or be attached to a large panel. The two options are spectacular.
On the website there is a model called Avalon, very similar to that of photography, at 3.66 x 2.54 m (€ 75). Armchair Arvika, from Ikea, only available in brown or black leather (€ 499).

Large format reasons

Two giant numbers focus attention on this bedroom. Increasing the size of any motif, oversizing it, is an infallible resource to give maximum visual interest to the wall. A flower, a feather, a jewel ...
You will find many mural proposals on the websites of the firms Bloompapers and If you prefer, you can also provide the image

DM puzzle

With the superposition of plates of different thicknesses, in this dining room a very decorative set of volumes was created. First you can trace the idea on paper: with a level, draw the position of the levels and fix them with extra strong mounting adhesive. A plus: on the edge of the thickest sheets, place some detail.
Fusion furniture, from Ikea, with table and four chairs, in wenge finish (€ 299).

Walls with bicolor frieze

The solution for this hallway with hallway where several doors converge is based on color contrast, which avoids visual monotony. The icing on this frieze in slate and charcoal gray, are the dog clothes hangers in various shades.
Similar frieze, in natural pine, to paint (from € 5.28 / package of 1.35 m2 in Leroy Merlin). Bästis coat racks, from Ikea (€ 2.99 each). White armchair Eames Plastic Armchair, by Vitra (€ 450).

Decorate walls with XXL photos

The photos of the best professionals are one click away from your wall. On the Internet you will find many image banks, Dreamstime and Stockvault among others, where you can download, for free or for less than € 1, high resolution photos. There are thousands, but the search is simple. Then, you only have to order your print, for example, on canvas.
The price varies according to measurements; at 0.90 x 1.40 m (€ 129 at Swing lamp, in Olive Lighting. Tirup armchair, from Ikea. Chair Chair_One, by Magis.

Paper patchwork on the wall

In bedspreads and cushions it is a classic, but in walls it is the last thing! In this room several wallpapers form a perfect grid, which conveys a sense of order despite the diversity of motifs and colors. The result is also very spectacular, if pieces of paper of different sizes are combined, such as a collage, or if you bet on the superposition of some motif.
Baby Gilda floor lamp, in DomésticoShop.