Knock, knock… Beautiful and functional entrance doors

Knock, knock… Beautiful and functional entrance doors


Doormat, the touch of style

When entering and leaving, we see it, they see it ... Everyone who stands in front of your door, repairs it. Therefore, do not allow a design to demolish or deteriorate the entrance and, above all, to produce a bad impression.

If you have taken great care in decorating your home, do it also at the starting point. In principle, the mats are a basic in any access to prevent dirt from entering the house, but also fulfill a decorative function. Take a walk, real or virtual, through the decoration shops and you will see the variety of designs that exist ... You could say that there is one for each home or as many as homes.

And which one do you prefer? Just consider that your motives are related to the decoration of your home, your lifestyle, your personal situation ... They can be welcome messages, witty expressions or something as obvious as the word Home, but with maxi colored letters .

Advertising - Keep reading below Original Gate

Framed by strong centenary walls, the original gate of this house, with planks and nails, has been restored replacing the lower area, more deteriorated, with a new one,
faithful to the rustic style of the hallway and the construction, which is part of a 14th-century Catalan farmhouse. The entrance thus maintains its authenticity and beauty.

Corbel renewed

Any element inspired by the classic architecture near the door gives a chic touch to the entrance. Along these lines: renovated corbel with blue paint suitable for outdoor use, Farrow & Ball.

Other options: an artistic frieze in stone, a fleur de lis, ornamental moldings ...

Infallible: decorative terracotta or stone cups that flank the door.

Other ideas: an old iron or bronze knocker, a horseshoe, a flirty mailbox, hanging planters, metal or braided fiber, vintage lanterns ...

Welcome Doormat

They can be welcome messages, witty expressions or something as obvious as the word Home, but with maxi-colored letters, as in this model, by Kenay Home (18).

Rattan chair

Time takes its toll on a door exposed to adverse weather conditions; but it also prints a decadent, and attractive air, to this patio where the hydraulic tile pavement, in perfect condition, counteracts the feeling of abandonment of the place. Without a doubt, a studied staging with charm. Affari: Riviera chair, rattan (€ 250) and cushion covers (€ 22).

Glazed hall

A carpentry work that beautifies the entrance and revalue this villa, for which a glazed hall has been projected, with door with bars and fixed elements in the corner, so that the interior is filled with natural light for more hours a day. The white brick enhances that clarity, while the old coat rack with mirror gives the space a vintage air.

In blue tones

The color change of the facade can be used to update the entrance door and completely renovate the house. Here it was made with the combination of two blues, lighter on the walls, and graying on the wood. A success: leave the lintel and the fence of the door in a dazzling white, to gain luminosity and visually expand its dimensions. Paintings, by Bruguer.

Yellow door

This ancient door acquires more visual interest with its new color, an energetic and cheerful yellow. That spark of intense color prevents the presence of the climber is overwhelming. Ideal, the vintage curtain behind the glass ... Painting Yellowcake, from Farrow & Ball.