Keys and tips to put custom cabinets in the bedroom

Keys and tips to put custom cabinets in the bedroom

The cabinets are an important economic item in a reform that should be designed in detail.

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When the cabinets are the focal point of an environment, such as in a dressing room, it is usually given prominence to the fronts.

In this way the cabinets add dynamism and decorative interest to the area in which they are located. Here, decorator Mercedes Pipaón covered the fronts with a Japanese paper in tune with the wall paint.

Wooden cabinets

Wood is one of the most demanded materials in closets because of the feeling of warmth it conveys.

In general, the wardrobes have a considerable size, and the darker the variety chosen, the more visual weight they will occupy inside the room. One solution is to alternate wooden areas and glass quarters on the fronts; volumes are better compensated and the cabinet is lighter.

Floor to ceiling cabinets

Some designs are planned with a functional objective without pretending to highlight their presence, but to hide it from view.

In those cases, the fronts are camouflaged so that they are perceived as an extension of the wall in which they are located. An example is this pantry, designed by the Abaton architecture studio, with white fronted doors and no handles. On the ceiling, halogens illuminate what is stored inside.

With sliding doors

The choice of the door opening system is important.

Sliding sheets that slide sideways on guides are suitable when there is not enough space in front of them to open a swing door. The finish of the fronts has evolved in design and materials. Those of this image, for example, are made with aluminum slats and an orange methacrylate panel.

In the attic

Tailored cabinets revalue complicated spaces, such as an attic area -in the image, made by Carpentry Soldevila- or the hollow under a staircase.

This type of cabinets usually have a higher price than standard models, but the investment is worth it when it comes to providing storage capacity to a corner with setbacks, low depth or low height.