40 proposals to decorate your bathroom with tiles

40 proposals to decorate your bathroom with tiles

Bathroom tile Emily Henderson Advertising - Keep reading under Hydraulic floor

"This floor has the right dose of color, gray, and drawing," says designer Daleet Spector about this discreet bathroom. "(the hydraulic floors) are fresh and pleasant on bare feet. This bathroom is luxurious, but in a very modern and discreet way."

Carpet Tile Mosaic

"The first thing we went to buy was the bathtub," says designer Julia Buckingham. "It's the crown jewel." The "carpet" made of tiles balances the focal point, "and you'll never have to dry clean it."

Male details

To divide the main bathroom into two areas - bathroom and dressing rooms - designer Dan Ruhland built a half wall of beveled tiles Cotto. Ruhland also used wood and paint as a coating, using a dark gray shade for a more graphic effect.

Chess floor

The shower cubicle of this bathroom is clad with Carrara marble tiles from Stones Unlimited. Tiles Soho They are from Exquisite Surfaces.

Modern bohemia

"I like blurring the boundaries," says designer Karen Vidal. The tiles chosen for the bathroom of this house in California in 1970 mimic the Spanish hydraulic floors, but the drawing is of Indian inspiration.

Circular model

The circular motif of the tiles Beau Monde Ann Sacks in this bathroom combines with the round stool and the drawing of the blind.

Industrial chic

Designer Deirdre Doherty gives him a new look To this classic bathroom mixing a little industrial elegance, the space seems brand new. (Wall tiles are the model Michael S. Smith from Ann Sacks and floor tiles are the model Cluny from Granada Tile).

River rock

Not all bathroom floors have to be tiled, designer Kelley McDowell chose this model Ojai, of stones, for this Spanish-style country house.

White and color

Tiles White Marmi Porcelanosa and the floral wallpaper create the focus on the wall in this feminine bathroom.

Silver effect

Ann Tracks Silver travertine tiles line the walls and floor of this main bathroom in Boston.

Shining green

"If you are going to use color, why not opt ​​for intense tones?" says designer Erin Martin. He used for the sink of this pool bath, a 1920 Turkish panel, surrounded by glass-tiled walls, the classic tile mosaic.

Feeling of luxury

The tiles of this bathroom in a house on the beach, shine. "Many people use matte tiles today, but the glossy finish the tiles of this spa-style bathroom, raise the level," says designer Jim Howard.

Arab motives

We found this bathroom in a Los Angeles house, on the tiled walls of the collection Maghreb 4 from Ann Sacks.


In this bathroom, in New York, designed by Alla Akimova, the real protagonist is the floor. Vetro Bianco tiles on the walls and dressing table reflect the light perfectly. The ground is formed by Dark emperor and Thassos marble, cut to size by Manhattan Renovations.

Retro pink

The combination of tiles in this bathroom may seem original from the 1930s, but every square centimeter is new. Designer Madeline Stuart gave this completely renovated bathroom a style vintage.

Blue tile

The walls of the main bathroom in this attic in Manhattan are lined with mosaic Mughetto of Bisazza, and the floors with the model Saboy from Ann Sacks.

Floral mural

"I love cherry blossoms," says designer Caroline Beaupère. "And this bathroom, in a house in New Jersey, was inspired by the hanami, the Japanese tradition of going to see flowers as part of a spring celebration. "

A nautical touch

To mimic the ocean of this bathroom in Laguna Beach, designers Heidi Bonesteel and Michele Trout added a turquoise blue tile border. Below, the walls are lined with square tiles, which give the room a cleaner look, like in a spa.

Blue on blue

In this beach house, the main bathroom bathroom has a fresh style thanks to the high ceilings and the pale blue painted walls. Designer Frank Roop drew the mosaic tile floor by computer, and Tile Showcase manufactured it in one piece, like a carpet.


In this bathroom designed by Sandra Nunnerley, Studium tile creates a pearly effect.

Retro chic

In the main bathroom of this Andy Warhol-inspired apartment, the tiles Veranda Bamboo Ann Sacks mimic the texture of a striated column and add texture to the natural palette.

Crosses and stars

Designer Cathy Kincaid used whitish paint in this French-style bathroom to match the tiles Moroccan Cross Y Star from Ann Sacks.

Baby blue

Emily Henderson says she was attracted to this unique and beautiful blue tile from Fireclay Tile. "They are the ones who set the tone for the rest of the design decisions," he explains. "The shell design is simply classic."


"The gray limestone tiles look like silk," says designer Laura Kirar about this bathroom inspired by the 40s style. "I put them in a spike shape to add movement. It gives you the feeling of having a soft carpet under your feet. "

With built-in frame

A geometric design frames the mirror and the sconces in this New York bathroom, with Studium tiles.

Green lime

Ann Sacks floor-to-ceiling striped tiles give the space a modern and unified look. To avoid breaking continuity, designers Heidi Bonesteel and Michele Trout only dull half the shower screen. "We love stripes, and we had never seen them before on a wall tile. It's cheerful and different," says Bonesteel.

Color and tiles

The retro-style beveled tiles, from Nemo, with the gray color blend perfectly into the bathroom walls of this apartment.

To moles

The director of House Beautiful magazine, Newell Turner, installed this floor in black and white in the bathroom of his New York home.

Blue and white

The Portuguese-style tiles were installed by the decorator of the previous owner of this bathroom. "Aren't they beautiful?" says Joe Nye. The complement ideas, the striped cover for the chair.

Vintage palette

In a child's bathroom, the turquoise tiles of Mission Tile West create an atmosphere inspired by the 1930s.

The waves of the tide

In the girls' bathroom of this apartment in New York, the mirrors are hung over the waves of the mosaic designed by James Howard.

A whimsical combination

Geometric Escher tiles by Amethyst Artisan and zebra wallpaper elevate the design in this children's bathroom decorated by Miles Redd.

Handmade touch

Portuguese hand-painted tiles are the protagonists of this bathroom.

Yellow stripes

The striped mosaic of the wall, by Waterworks, combines with the floor in the guest bathroom of this country house, decorated by Jay Jeffers. The amber stripes break the space and put a fantasy note.

In elegant silver

Designers James Michael and Phoebe Howard found inspiration for this New York apartment in the movie When you least expect it. The marble in the sink area is the model Asher gray from Ann Sacks.

A space for relaxation

Designer David Jiménez wanted the bathroom in this house to look like a spa. The walls are tiled from floor to ceiling with beveled tiles and the floors are Calacatta marble.

Floor mats

The guest bathroom of the French-style house of the designer Betty Lou Phillips is inspired by the bathrooms of the five-star hotel suites. Floor mats Monsieur Y Madame They are inlaid mosaics.

Arabic style

In this bathroom, designer Kyle Timothy Blood created a T-shaped carpet with Moroccan design tiles. "Do you realize how the 'carpet' passes right under the dresser?" The designer points out. To unite all these spaces, the floor draws a "ribbon" around the entire room. Everything from Mosaic House.

Spanish colonial style

We found this colonial-inspired bathroom in this Virginia home in the United States. The tiles with geometric patterns are original.

Vintage glamor

In this bathroom art-deco style, mother-pearl edges frame the tiles Arpell Bianco from Artistic Tile.

Via: House Beautiful US