Will Julio Iglesias sell his private jet?

Will Julio Iglesias sell his private jet?

Getty Images / Leader Luxury

After more than a year on sale in different portals on-line of luxury airplanes, Julio Iglesias still can't find a buyer for his private jet. And it is not because the device is of poor quality, since it is a Gulfstream with Rolls Royce engine, one of the most exclusive and powerful models on the market.

The interior does not fall short: space for 18 passengers, double sinks, galley with oven, microwave, refrigerator and double coffee makers, several screens and entertainment monitors, as well as a music player. Divided into four areas, the seats have leather finishes and chenille upholstery. They also highlight the wood coverings and the gold plated hardware.

And you will be wondering, okay, but ... how much does such a wonder cost to cross the skies of the planet like a rolling stone? It turns out that the initial sale price exceeded 28 million euros, but seeing the little success of the offer, the singer lowered the figure to 17 million euros (approximately). Come on, if you're interested, this is the time to buy (and mark a dance to the rhythm of dance brunette).

Now we just hope you don't suffer jet lag, because you are about to know the luxurious corners of the plane. Buckle up, let's go!

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