The exotic touch is put on these cushions with ethnic prints

The exotic touch is put on these cushions with ethnic prints

Miriam Yeleq

They are holding and decorate any corner of the home. In addition to heating and provide the best comfort. Every corner of this house reveals tastes and passions, as evidenced by cushions with exotic covers that leave no one indifferent.

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Mix forms! La Redoute Interieurs

To buy 23,98 €

Square, elongated, round, curl-shaped cushions ... You will make your sofa look as comfortable as those in our magazine. Of course: try to choose fabrics pleasant to the touch. Model, in 40 x 30 cm (La Redoute Interieurs).

2 decorate them MIRIAM YELEQ

To buy 45 €

With ribbons, fringes or tassels. And if sewing work is not your forte, you can always resort to accessories already decorated. Cushion Rhombus, from Lorena Canals, in 48 x 38 cm.

3 Play with the textures MIRIAM YELEQ

To buy 29,90 €

To create a set of great visual richness, play with colors and also with textures. This design is the model Factory, by Lola Home, in gray cotton, on In 30 x 60 cm.

4 Smooth and printed MIRIAM YELEQ

To buy 60 €

Remember that it is not necessary that all the cushions on your sofa have the same print. Alternate plain and patterned models in the same color range and, if possible, that contrast with the tone of the seat. Design Tuff, by Gancedo, in 50 x 50 cm.

5 Brown and reddish tones MIRIAM YELEQ

To buy 2,11 €

Getting a stay to look is much easier and cheaper than you think. It is enough to change the exterior of the cushions for another one according to the time of the year. The brown and reddish tones will make you gain warmth in autumn and winter. Cover, in 30 x 50 cm (on Amazon).