Gifts to celebrate International Friendship Day

Gifts to celebrate International Friendship Day

On April 27, 2011, the United Nations General Assembly designated July 30 as the International Friendship Day, in order to celebrate that "through friendship, cultivating the bonds of camaraderie and strengthening confidence, we can contribute to the fundamental and necessary changes to achieve lasting stability, weave a network of social support that protects us all and generate passion for a better world, all united for the common good. " Although we know that the best gift is friendship itself, we propose 15 ideas to thank your life partners for their presence in your day to day.

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Dreamcatcher (€ 12), from Pimkie.

For the workers

Order-documents and lamp (€ 49), in Urban outfitters.

For the affectionate

Lip-shaped cushion (€ 4), in Primark.

For the disco players

Disco ball shaped glass (€ 3), in Primark.

For your half pineapple

Bracelets to share (€ 12), from UO.

For what they are wholeheartedly

Heart Beating T-shirt (€ 49), from Lefugu.

For the pacifists

Fabric wall ornament (€ 52), in Urban outfitters.

For the partiers

Light box (€ 22.99), in Maisons du Monde.

For the rockstars

Decorative letters (€ 42.35), in Kavehome.

For the landlords

Cushion with the definition of "friend" (€ 15.95), in UO.

For the retro

Record player (€ 89), in Urban outfitters.

For what they enjoy small things

Poster (€ 12.95), in Stradivarius.

For series addicts

Heisenberg take-away mug (€ 19.85), in Curiosité.

For the ordered

Wooden shelf (€ 55), in Kavehome.

For the asocials

Doormat (€ 19.95), in Curiosité.