Why minimalist deco can make you happier

Why minimalist deco can make you happier

Clean, clean, clean and monochromatic homes. It is the key so that through space, you are calmer. And, the key to minimalist homes follow one of the fundamental mantras: the less things you have, the more peace you will find.

This detox base has, of course, mood benefits. And of course, elegance goes hand in hand. You have rarely seen purely white rooms that are not elegant.

Get rid of the unnecessary, invest in impact pieces that follow the harmony of color and celebrate simplicity at home, are some tips to be happier through a face lift to your home. This time, focused on the most minimalist, austere and bright style.

The order, the cleanliness, the silence ... small details that, like the canvases, also embellish the environment and, of course, must be taken into account.

The truth is that it is not us who says so. The study The Journal of Social and Personal Relationship He has recently revealed something that we sensed: the tension in the home becomes greater when when returning from work, household chores are increased if you live in a place full of disorder.

So, could our house help us overcome a depression? Given that our house is our sanctuary, why not make it a reason for it?

The light on the white glow, a clear environment in which everything is and nothing about you, practical structures made to think only to relax ...

Definitely, yes ... There are numerous reasons that place minimalist homes like the great temples of happiness.