Furniture that let the light through

Furniture that let the light through

Improves mood, attention span and learning. It helps reduce stress, fatigue and bad mood. Expand the spaces, make the colors more vivid and brighten up any interior. There are many benefits of natural light, That is why we must make the most of it and avoid putting obstacles to the sun's rays that reach our homes. But sometimes the lack of space or a plant with a complicated configuration make it inevitable to place a piece of furniture in front of a window. Your great allies to minimize damage are high-legged furniture, with grid backs (or without backrest, directly), made with fibers, transparent or with a silhouette as thin as possible. In the gallery that accompanies these lines you will find some pieces to help you get the most out of the light, that precious good.

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Backless, transparent, low ... These furniture will let the light reach the last corner of your house.


These modular sofas from Ikea (€ 500 this composition) are a good option. Place high armrests that serve as a backrest and leave the back free for light to pass through.

Organic forms

Rattan armchair by Scandi Nordic Style, in MIV Interiors (€ 268).

Transparence law

Set of two side tables of El Corte Inglés (€ 139).


Wicker armchair by Maisons du Monde (€ 169.90).

Fall into your network

Bloomingville metal chair, in MIV Interiors (€ 262.65).

Divan therapy

Bed day from Bloomingville (€ 999.20), in interior MIV.

The woman of iron

Storage unit of the new Ikea PS collection (€ 79).

Get comfortable

Transparent plastic chest of drawers by Philippe Starck for Kartell (€ 785).


Armchair with seat and backrest in Ikea mesh (€ 29.99).


Side table of Scandi Nordic Style, in MIV Interiors (€ 120.70).

Minimum expression

Side Table of House Doctor, in MIV Interiors (€ 116).

Rich in fiber

Wicker armchair in white by Maisons du Monde (€ 199.90).

Give the wand

Bamboo sofa from Tine K Home, in MIV Interiors (€ 639.20).

Light metal

Maisons du Monde dining chair (€ 129.90).

The invisible man

Transparent polycarbonate sofa by Philippe Starck for Kartell (€ 1159).

Stylized shape

Ikea table / tray (€ 19.99).

Inspired by the BKF

Rattan chair by Scandi Nordic Style, in MIV interiors (€ 421.20).

The age of metals

3 seater metal sofa in El Mercado de María (€ 269.15).


Transparent polycarbonate chair by Philippe Starck for Kartell (€ 448).

Smooth rolling

Maisons du Monde wicker rocking chair (€ 79.99).

To the aid

El Corte Inglés side table (€ 125).

For the outside

It may also be that your terrace is very small and you have to cover the window if you want to furnish it. Follow the same advice and opt for pieces like this Ikea sunbed (€ 59).