Keys to having a house ready for the colder seasons

Keys to having a house ready for the colder seasons

The Redoute Interieurs.

Warm and perfect rooms

Carpets Dress the floors with fluffy and cozy models, but taking into account that it is an element with a lot of wear that requires frequent care. Dust spoils the fibers and, if not removed, can tear them, hence the importance of vacuuming them daily. Remove coffee stains with a mixture of detergent and white vinegar, and those of wine, rubbing with soda water and cleaning foam.

Blankets. Warm, soft to the touch, tasty ... but with specific care according to its composition. It is advisable to aerate them to eliminate mites and moisture. The wool and polar ones, usually can be washed in a washing machine in delicate programs, while those of hair must be washed by hand. Use warm water and neutral soap, do not twist when draining and tends stretched and smooth.

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Let the light in

Lift and wash the curtains, you will remove the summer dust.

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For blinds, vacuum dirt, brush hard areas and wipe with soap and water. In the crystals, use water with vinegar and a newspaper.

Mattress like new

La Mallorquina atmosphere.

When removing blankets and comforters, check your mattress. Remove summer sweat stains with a mixture of water, soap and ammonia, and blood, pouring oxygenated water on them.


Shining lamps

De La Redoute Interieurs. La Redoute Interieurs

Prepare the bulbs to remove dust and gain efficiency. Unscrew them and pour in a spray water and half a glass of alcohol to burn. Rub a cloth with the mixture and dry. Wait half an hour to replace them.

Heat more efficient!

Before starting the heating, it is necessary to clean the radiators to be more effective.

Pass the vacuum cleaner with the small nozzle and then a cloth with soap, but no foam, and dry.

Changing cabinet

When you save the summer clothes, take the opportunity to clean the closet.

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Empty it completely and pass the vacuum cleaner, you will remove the dust, but also possible eggs of moth larvae. Clean with a cloth dampened with water and vinegar or with lemon if there are bad odors and dry.

Opens Closet doors 2 times a month to let it air.